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FORMULA1. Monaco Grand Prix as it happened

Juan Pablo Montoya celebrates his 2003 Monaco win
  1. 16:45: 
    Mercedes celebrations
    It was all smiles and cheers as Mercedes had their celebratory team photo after yet another one-two, but bubbling under the surface, an air of discord continues to build and build. Nico Rosberg looks delighted while Lewis Hamilton is simply putting on a brave face. Rosberg says they will continue to be friends, having known each other so long, Hamilton says they are "colleagues". How will the next chapter of this battle unfold? Canada holds the answer. I'll see you there. Until then, it's good afternoon from me. See ya!
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    Lewis Hamilton
    The next race takes place on the Circuit Gilles-Villenueve in Canada, a track that Lewis Hamilton loves. It's where he won his first F1 race in 2007. And it's live on BBC TV, radio and online. First practice starts at 15:00 BST on Friday 6 June. I'll be back at 14:30 BST to begin build-up while also recapping events in the gap between races.
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    It's time for me to depart, folks. Here's Andrew Benson's race report. Keep checking the BBC F1 pages and follow @bbcf1 for the latest news and reaction from the Monaco Grand Prix.
    We'll have highlights of the race up online at 17:00 BST with the highlights show on BBC One starting at 17:05.
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    Monaco GP
    Only four drivers finished on the lead lap - Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso. That's the fewest since the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix.
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    Nico Rosberg's victory in Monaco ends a run of four-straight wins for Lewis Hamilton. "It is a special win definitely because Lewis had the momentum, the results and everything and I needed to try to break that momentum and I managed to do that this weekend," said the German.
  6. 16:20: 
    Lewis Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton tells BBC Radio 5 live's Jennie Gow that he thinks the victory was lost in qualifying. "It made a huge difference. In the race, I was told I had to get close before the pit stop and I was starting to do that but then the safety car came out and it was just fortunate for him. There was nothing I could do after that."
  7. 16:15: 
    Juan Pablo Montoya celebrates his 2003 Monaco win
    Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who won the 2003 Monaco Grand Prix, will attempt to win his second Indy 500 when the famous American race gets under way in a little over an hour. The Penske Racing driver returned to the single-seater series this year and starts 10th.
  8. 16:10: 
    Adrian Sutil
    Adrian Sutil made his 115th grand prix start in Monaco, which pulls him equal with 1996 world champion Damon Hill, but while Hill won a title, Sutil has yet to record a podium finish in his career. The German did some overtaking lower down the field before crashing out at the chicane in Monaco today.
  9. 16:06: 
    Nico Rosberg
    The last man to win back-to-back Monaco Grands Prix while leading from start to finish each time was Ayrton Senna in 1990 and 1991. Victory for Nico Rosberg means Mercedes have now won more races - 10 - since their return to the sport in 2010 than they did in their first spell in Formula 1 in 1954-55.
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    Ayrton Senna wins in the rain in 1984 in Monaco
    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the infamous 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, when Ayrton Senna made his mark on the sport by nearly winning the thing in torrential rain.
    The race was abandoned just seconds before Alain Prost was passed by the Brazilian, who was classified as finishing in second place.
  11. 15:55: 
    Fernando Alonso drives past the marina
    Fernando Alonso's fourth place finish means Ferrari extend the all-time record for races in the points in a row to 74 races. The last time either Ferrari failed to finish a race in the top 10 was the 2010 British Grand prix.
    However, failure to win in Monaco means Alonso has now gone 20 races without a win, the longest barren spell since joining Ferrari in 2010.
  12. 15:50: 
    Nico Rosberg tells BBC Radio 5 live pit lane reporter Jennie Gow that because he and Lewis Hamilton known each other for so long, "there's always been difficulties....but we sit down, discuss and move on".
  13. 15:44: 
    Lewis Hamilton adds that when he was at McLaren, they had two strategists - one to get the best race for him, the other to get best race for his team-mate. At Mercedes they only have one.
  14. 15:41: 
    Lewis Hamilton sprays Champagne after finishing second in Monaco
    When Lewis Hamilton is asked if he had had any communication with Nico Rosberg since the race had finished, the 2008 world champion replied: "No." When asked if communication between team-mates is important, he replied: "No."
    Jamie Smith: I hope Bianchi gets to keep his points. That's some achievement for Marussia and Bianchi himself!
    Sam Payne: Fed up with Hamilton's constant complaining in the car. Needs to cool down and stop blaming his team for everything. Great race though
    James Caine: It's going to be all out war between Lewis & Rosberg till Abu Dhabi, roll on Montreal.
    Allan McNish, BBC Radio 5 live F1 analyst
    "Big result for @Marussia_F1Team with 9th place, those 2 points are like like wins to other teams."
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    1) Rosberg 2) Hamilton 3) Ricciardo 4) Alonso 5) Hulkenberg 6) Button 7) Massa 8) Grosjean 9) Bianchi 10) Magnussen
    11) Ericsson 12) Raikkonen 13) Kobayashi 14) Chilton
    DNF: Gutierrez, Bottas, Vergne, Sutil, Kvyat, Vettel, Perez, Maldonado
  18. 15:33: 
    Nico Rosberg
    Victory for Nico Rosberg was his second of the year, after his triumph in the season opener in Australia, fifth of his career and second in a row in Monaco.
    Marussia's Max Chilton: Massive well done to my teammate @Jules_Bianchi for getting our first points for @Marussia_F1Team.
  20. 15:29: 
    There's lots of respect for what Marussia have done with Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff heading over to congratulate Marussia CEO Graeme Lowdon and give him a pat on the back. Nice touch.
  21. 15:27: 
    Jules Bianchi
    "Finally we have a point!" said Jules Bianchi on the team radio after he heard that he finished ninth, after the five-second penalty was applied to his race time. Later in interviews, he says "it's just amazing for us" and that the team have been "waiting for this for a long time and now we have done it".
  22. 15:25: 
    Mercedes' move even further ahead in the constructors' championship with 240 points. Red Bull are their closest rivals with 99 points. Ferrari are 11 points further back with Force India a strong fourth.
  23. 15:21: 
    Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg reclaims the lead of the drivers' world championship with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton four points behind in second. Fernando Alonso retains third place, but he's got exactly half the points - 61 - that Rosberg has amassed. Daniel Ricciardo is fourth on 54 points.
  24. 15:16: 
    The news conference with the top three has started with the print journalists. Lewis Hamilton says his Ayrton Senna reference on Saturday was "just a joke", reports Andrew Benson.
    Force India: Well done also to @Marussia_F1Team - welcome in the points-scoring club!
    Marussia: Yes!!!!!!!!!!
  27. 15:11: 
    The champagne arrives at the Marussia garage. Time to get the party started.
  28. 15:08: 
    I think the biggest party in Monaco will it be at Marussia, the minnows scoring their first ever points in Formula 1 since joining the sport in 2010. A very impressive driver from Jules Bianchi.
    Rich Skelding: Well 100% on my prediction for this race even the Vettel retirement, good job from Lewis to hold off Ric with one eye
    Daydream Books: Don't normally mind Rosberg but that win is a black mark for me. Well done to JB, Ricciardo and Lewis.
    andrea priest: Well it will be party time for Marussia, it must be as good as winning the race.
    Daniel Ricciardo, who finished third: "It's really nice to be on the podium. The start was not great, it was frustrating. Sebastian had a problem and I got fourth, then Raikkonen had a puncture so we inherited third. At the end, we closed in on Lewis. We tried to put pressure on but third was best we could do."
    Lewis Hamilton, who finished second: "It was just something that came through the visor - it was nothing important. It was a good day for us - it's very important for the team to get another 1-2. I had great pace and I felt I was strong but it's incredibly difficult to overtake."
    Nico Rosberg celebrates with his pit crew after winning
    Nico Rosberg, who won the race: "It's another special day for me, for sure. Lewis drove well and pushed me massively hard. The pressure was on but I kept it cool and pulled a bit of a gap at the end because of the refreshed tyres. Thanks to the team for all their great work."
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    Interesting that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg didn't make eye contact or shake hands after that race. The cracks in the relationship just got a little bit bigger.
  34. 15:02: 
    They've let Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch - take care of the interviews once more. He clearly impressed with the job he did in Malaysia.
  35. 15:00: 
    Nico Rosberg heads over to his team and showers them in champagne. He then takes a swig of the bubbly stuff before preparing himself for the interviews.
  36. 14:58: 
    Nico Rosberg looks delighted as he hoists his winners' trophy aloft on the red steps of this unusual podium in Monaco. Lewis Hamilton can hardly raise a smile.
  37. 14:57: 
    THE TOP 10
    1) Rosberg 2) Hamilton 3) Ricciardo 4) Alonso 5) Hulkenberg 6) Button 7) Massa 8) Grosjean 9) Bianchi 10) Magnussen
  38. 14:56: 
    Nico Rosberg parks on the start-finish straight, as is tradition in Monaco. Lewis Hamilton pulls alongside, with Daniel Ricciardo parking on the other side. The German leaps out of his car and bounces over to his mechanics. I've never seen him so happy.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "Nico Rosberg went to school along these roads, he knows them so well. Back-to-back victories here, only the second time that's been done in 20 years."
  40. 14:55: 
    Race winner Nico Rosberg: "Wahoo, thank you everyone! This car is really amazing."
  41. 14:54: 
    Lewis Hamilton holds off a chasing Daniel Ricciardo to take second. Fernando Alonso crosses the line for fourth.
  42. 14:53: 
    Nico Rosberg raises his hand out of the cockpit as he crosses the line to clinch victory and retake the World Championship lead.
    Nico Rosberg
    Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg wins the Monaco Grand Prix.
    LAP 78
    Nico Rosberg starts the final lap, the German heading for back-to-back victories in Monaco.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "The leader has lapped everybody up to fourth place."
    LAP 77
    We're onto the penultimate lap in Monaco, with Daniel Ricciardo hustling Lewis Hamilton for second. Pulsating stuff. Nico Rosberg is in command in the lead, eight seconds clear.
    LAP 76
    Lewis Hamilton is under significant pressure with three laps remaining. The gap to Daniel Ricciardo behind is just 0.5 seconds.
    LAP 75
    Daniel Ricciardo is all over the back of Lewis Hamilton. The Red Bull looks so much faster at this stage of the race. Nico Rosberg is six seconds clear at the front. Meanwhile further back, Jules Bianchi is eight in the Marussia! Sensational scenes.
    LAP 74
    Jenson Button passes Kevin Magnussen down the start-finish straight for sixth place just as Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo close on lapping them.
    Kimi Raikkonen then tries a pass on Kevin Magnussen at the hairpin but gets it wrong and they both stop after lightly hitting the barriers. They both get going again, though.
    LAP 73
    The gap down to 1.9 seconds as Daniel Ricciardo hunts Lewis Hamilton down. What a final few laps we're in for, albeit for second place rather than for victory.
    LAP 72
    Red Bull tell Daniel Ricciardo that he will catch Lewis Hamilton, adding that the Mercedes driver has problems with vision. The gap is down to just 3.4 seconds. Nico Rosberg has this race win in the bag.
    LAP 71
    I think Lewis Hamilton should be thinking about Daniel Ricciardo, though. The Australian is just five seconds behind as he sets a new fastest lap of the race.
    LAP 70
    Lewis Hamilton asks his team to keep him up to date with the gaps. His engineer tells him what the gap is to Ricciardo in third. "I don't care about Ricciardo, what's the gap to Nico?" "OK Lewis, the gap is 5.9 seconds with eight laps to go."
    LAP 68
    Lewis Hamilton is now 5.6 seconds adrift of Nico Rosberg with Daniel Ricciardo only 7.9 seconds behind in third.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "It's so easy to make a mistake in the later stage of a race. There's a massive attrition rate here, with 14 cars left."
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    Cristo Di Ferro: Bianchi in 10th!!! This is the most exciting thing to happen all race!
    Jacob Coates: Shh... Say it quietly... Bianchi in 10th.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "The dirt can get into the cockpit. If he's got a piece of debris in there, metal, dirt or oil. Well, he's dropped off the pace. I'm not suggesting he doesn't have something in his eye, but are mind-games involved here?"
    LAP 66
    Lewis Hamilton stays out, rather than pitting.
    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton: "I can't see out of my left eye - I've got some dirt or something in my eye."
    LAP 65
    Lewis Hamilton has fallen back from to four seconds behind Nico Rosberg. The Mercedes team are out in the pits.
    LAP 64
    Daniel Ricciardo sets the fastest lap of the race in the Red Bull. He's currently 13.6 seconds behind Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Fatigue got the better of Gutierrez, and he just turned into the corner too early. Uphill into the safety lane would be the safest way to get the car off I would have thought. Visor firmly down as he exits, that's partly due to embarrassment I'd say."
    LAP 63
    Esteban Gutierrez's retirement means Jules Bianchi moves into 10th in the Maurssia! Will the Frenchman get a penalty for his earlier infringement, though?
    LAP 62
    We've got double yellow flags at Rascasse as Esteban Gutierrez hits the barrier, causing a puncture. The Mexican spins round and that's afternoon over. It completes a miserable afternoon for Sauber.
    LAP 61
    Tom Clarkson reports that Kimi Raikkonen pitted for a second time, which dropped him down the field from third, because he had a puncture following contact with Max Chilton.
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    Waѕiyullah Budye: Hamilton has been attacking from the start. Rosberg is not giving up yet. It's going to be a cracker at the end.
    Tshepo Ramonyaluoe: This is Monaco! You don't take chances. The barriers will punish you! Lewis will, sadly, have to settle for 18pts.
    LAP 60
    It's not looking good for Jules Bianchi as he is under investigation with the stewards for taking his five-second penalty at his pit stop when the safety car was out, which is against the regulations. Marussia's wait for a first point looks like it may well continue.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "The cooling aspect here means you just don't have the volume of air going through the cars."
    LAP 59
    The yellow flags are put away as the marshals do another impressive job quickly removing the stricken Williams with the use of a crane.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Bottas looks like a Red Arrow with the amount of smoke coming out of the back of his car."
    LAP 58
    Valtteri Bottas' retirement, his first of the season, means Jules Bianchi moves up to 11th, one place away from a first ever point for the team. Marussia have never been so close!
    LAP 57
    We've got smoke pouring out of the Mercedes engine in the back of the Williams of Valtteri Bottas. The Finn comes to a stop at the hairpin.
    LAP 54
    Valtteri Bottas is really struggling for pace in eighth place. Esteban Gutierrez has caught him, as has Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. We've got a four car train.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "The last two laps, Hamilton has been quicker, first by two-tenths, then by four-tenths of a second."
    LAP 53
    Lewis Hamilton is back on it, the gap is down to one second now. But you don't need me to tell you passing round here is so difficult.
    LAP 52
    Smoke pours out the rear of Jean-Eric Vergne's Toro Rosso as he exits the tunnel. He manages to get back to the pits but that's the Frenchman's afternoon over.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "Is Lewis Hamilton storing up a little bit of something for the last stage of the race, or is he genuinely falling further behind?"
    LAP 51
    Lewis Hamilton has dropped back to 1.6 seconds behind Nico Rosberg.
    LAP 50
    Jean-Eric Vergne is all over the back of Jules Bianchi in the battle for 12th.
    LAP 49
    The gap is up to one second between race leader Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the front of the field. Twenty nine laps to go.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "Rosberg's been told he's still a little over target as far as fuel is concerned, but he's getting closer."
    LAP 48
    Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers able to lap in the 1m19s. Their nearest challenger Daniel Ricciardo is 12.9 seconds adrift in third.
    Antonio Banderas (centre) at the Monaco Grand Prix
    The celebrities keep coming thick and fast: Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has turned up.
    Caterham: Damage to the rear of @kamui_kobayashi's car after contact with BIA is costing Koba a lot of time. He's now 16th with @Ericsson_Marcus 15th
    LAP 46
    Lewis Hamilton is told by his engineer that Nico Rosberg is lifting and coasting at Turn One and Turn Three. That's code for, there's a good chance to heap pressure on his team-mate in those parts of the circuit and try and force a mistake.
    LAP 45
    Good stop from Williams to service Felipe Massa quickly and get him back out ahead of the Marussia of Jules Bianchi. Massa 11th now, one place behind Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "When it comes to fuel, Lewis Hamlton is the conservationist of Formula 1."
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    Nuala: Lewis has been attacking the whole race, he is going to be exhausted
    Kanishk: Perez out, Maldonado gone, Kyvat out, Vettel out. Is this F1 or Game Of Thrones?
    James Allen, BBC Radio 5 live commentator
    "Relentless pressure from Hamilton on his team-mate Rosberg here."
    LAP 44
    Mercedes' Nico Rosberg is told to keep using the longer gears because fuel consumption is increasing. That's not what the race leader will want to hear.
    LAP 43
    Can Lewis Hamilton find a chink in Nico Rosberg's armour? The Briton is able to close on his team-mate in the first part of the lap, but he has struggled to get a good exit out of Portier which means Rosberg just gets away through the tunnel and a chance to overtake at the chicane at the tunnel's exit, easily the best place to pull off a pass, is lost.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Lewis has been able to save more fuel than Nico this season from the figures we've seen, almost two laps' worth. If we assume that information is continuing in this race, then that could be absolutely crucial in the closing elements of this grand prix."
    LAP 42
    Monaco GP
    Lewis Hamilton is so close to Nico Rosberg at the hairpin. The Briton is not going to let the German win this race easily.
    LAP 41
    Fernando Alonso
    Fernando Alonso edges closer to getting into the DRS zone as he chases Daniel Ricciardo for third. The gap is now just 1.7 seconds
    Nico Rosberg's race engineer: "Nico, fuel will become critical if you don't start using longer gears."
    LAP 40
    Romain Grosjean passes Kamui Kobayashi for 14th at the chicane. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso reduces the gap to third-placed Daniel Ricciardo to 1.9 seconds.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "If Lewis runs out of patience and has a dive down the inside, there's no guarantee the first two will finish."
    LAP 39
    Lewis Hamilton is keeping the pressure on Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, the Briton just 0.8 seconds behind. Will Rosberg crack under the pressure?
    LAP 38
    Jules Bianchi is up to a brilliant 12th as he gains a place courtesy of Jean-Eric Vergne's drive-through penalty. The Toro Rosso driver lost seven places.
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    Martin Larbey: Smart strategy would have been pitting as soon as Sutil crashed. Sadly slow reaction has placed Lewis at a disadvantage.
    Istvan Simon: Come on Lewis Hamilton! I love your driving style & speed, but you should behave like an adult.
    Shohidur Rahman: Such a shame for Kimi. He had a real chance of a podium. His race is wrecked now.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Bianchi thought 'I'll have a bit of that' there."
    LAP 36
    Replays show that Kimi Raikkonen and Kamui Kobayashi almost collide as they braked for the chicane. The Japanese driver backs out of it and Raikkonen takes the place.
    We've got British Touring Car-style racing at the rear of the field as Jules Bianchi forces his way past Kobayashi at La Rascasse, the Frenchman clipping Kobayashi not once, not twice, but three times. That was for 13th.
    LAP 34
    Jean-Eric Vergne, who is driving a superb race in sixth, has been given a drive-through penalty for an unsafe release by his team in the pits. The Frenchman almost crashed into Kevin Magnussen.
    LAP 33
    Kimi Raikkonen overcooks a pass on the Caterham of Kamui Kobayashi at the chicane as he tries to make up lost positions. The Finn cuts the corner and gives the place back.
    Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, who has retired: "It's obviously disappointing - after a good start we lost too much pressure from the turbo and we had to retire. I feel quite helpless in the car because I don't know what the problem is. I hoped they'd have an answer but they didn't this time. How do I escape from this? I don't have a boat here, but I'll try to get home as quickly as I can."
    LAP 32
    Great move from Nico Hulkenberg who passes Kevin Magnussen into Portier corner, just before the tunnel. I don't think I've ever seen a pass there. That was for seventh.
    LAP 31
    It's another good restart for Nico Rosberg who leads away from Lewis Hamilton with Daniel Ricciardo third and Fernando Alonso fourth. Felipe Massa is fifth having decided not to stop. Interesting choice of strategy.
    LAP 30
    Monaco GP
    The safety car is coming in this lap. Bad news for Kimi Raikkonen who has to pit again, dropping him from third to 13th. Chances of a podium all but over now.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Hamilton was more thinking out loud than having a go at his team there. He knows he needs to keep everyone onside because you win as a team and you lose as a team."
    LAP 29
    Lewis Hamilton's frustrations are boiling over as he realises his chance to win this race is probably over as he and his team-mate Nico Rosberg will not need to pit again. "It's all down to degradation now," says his engineer.
    Ben Edwards, BBC F1 commentator
    "All of this from Hamilton is just adding to the atmosphere of suspicion at Mercedes."
    Lewis Hamilton: "I can't believe we just had to pit - can you just inform me of what options I have."
    Lewis Hamilton: "We should have pitted on that lap (before) - but I knew you wouldn't call me in guys."
    LAP 28
    Nico Rosberg retains the lead from Lewis Hamilton. Both swapped to soft tyres, which means they don't have to stop again. Meanwhile, there's a tense moment in the pits as Toro Rosso release Jean-Eric Vergne into the path of Kevin Magnussen. The McLaren has to take avoiding action. Toro Rosso are likely to get a fine for that. "That is as un-safe a release as you'll see," says David Coulthard.
    LAP 27
    It's a great stop from Mercedes who service Nico Rosberg quickly. Lewis Hamilton drops back so he doesn't have to queue. Slick work from Mercedes who are ready for the 2008 world champion and get him out quickly, too.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "Are Mercedes going to stack the two cars? If they do then Lewis will be at a disadvantage."
    LAP 26
    The safety car is out! Cue lots of activity in the pit lane.
    LAP 25
    Red Bull have confirmed it was a power unit problem for Sebastian Vettel.
    Meanwhile, Adrian Sutil's pushed it a bit too much this time, losing the rear on the run down to chicane and smashing into the barriers. A marshal, stood on the other side of the barrier dives for cover.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    "I wouldn't like to be a strategist at Mercedes right now."
    LAP 24
    Nico Rosberg is really struggling with his tyres at the moment, locking up a number of times in the last few laps. Will Mercedes be forced into a two-stop strategy?
    LAP 23
    The leaders are starting to catch traffic. Could this be a chance for Lewis Hamilton to pass Nico Rosberg?
    LAP 22
    Daniel Ricciardo is on the move, the Red Bull driver closing to just 1.1 seconds of Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari. He was one second quicker on the last lap.
    LAP 21
    Nico Rosberg locks up again at Mirabeau but again he manages to make the corner. Impressive stuff.
    Cristo Di Ferro: Sutil's moves remind me of Perez last year, just underbraking everyone. Good on him for making Monaco more racey
    RookGP: Rosberg being ahead could be a blessing in disguise for Lewis. He may finish the race attacking for once instead of defending
    James Humberstone: Interesting how Rosberg has managed to get round the corners so far.
    LAP 20
    We're as you were in terms of position in the top 10, the field nicely spread out with no one looking like launching a pass on another just yet.
    David Coulthard, BBC F1 co-commentator
    We're hearing that Nico's complaining of some front graining on his tyres. It means he could have to come in quite early and we're in that two-stop window if he has an issue."
    Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez's Monaco grand Prix lasted just half a lap thanks to a moment at Mirabeau when he got a little too close to McLaren's Jenson Button.
    LAP 19
    It's a five-second stop and go penalty for Esteban Gutierrez, which will be taken at the end of the pit stop as per the rules this season, for lining up in the wrong grid slot at the start. The Sauber driver is currently 12th.
    Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi are given the same penalty, too.
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter
    "It's the 'MGUK', the kinetic energy gathering unit of Vettel's car, that has had a failure."
    Some Body: Should be a bit more spice when they get to lapping the tailenders.
    A.Nail: Great start from Vettel. Was on the verge of getting a podium but his car failed him.
    Mark Bartlett: Vettel must be wondering how he ended up with Webber's car.
    James Allen, BBC Radio 5 live commentator
    "Interestingly, Hamilton has used less fuel than Nico Rosberg."
    LAP 18
    Big lock-up from leader Nico Rosberg at Mirabeau. The German didn't go down the escape road this time...
    LAP 17
    Adrian Sutil completes a straight-forward pass on Max Chilton into the chicane for 15th. Next up is Jules Bianchi in the other Marussia. The German is having a wonderful time out there.

  134. "Interesting that Lewis Hamilton has given that bit of information about his tyres to the world, to the other teams...and to his team-mate of course."
    LAP 15
    Lewis Hamilton has dropped back to 1.7 seconds behind team-mate Nico Rosberg. Kimi Raikkonen is in a lonely third, 7.3 seconds behind the Mercedes but four seconds clear of Daniel Ricciardo.
    Lewis Hamilton: "I already feels my rears going."
    LAP 14
    Adrian Sutil barges his way through at the Loews hairpin again, this time Marcus Ericsson loses out. The Sauber driver is now up to 16th and really on a charge. Max Chilton is next up the road.
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    Gary Grafter: Nico was off like a scalded cat there!
    Rich Skelding: SC in lap 1, I knew it.
    Jeremiah Kariuki: Lewis unable to grab lead at 1st Corner, only hope for an undercut or delayed pit lane! What a start for Raikkonen!
    Lotus: Early indications are it was a fuel-system related issue for @Pastormaldo but we won't know for sure until we get the car back.
    LAP 13
    Daniil Kvyat rolls into the Toro Rosso pitbox and switches off the engine. That's the Russian's afternoon done. He becomes the fourth retirement of the race, following Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez and Pastor Maldonado.
    LAP 12
    Replays show Adrian Sutil launching the car over the kerb on the inside of the hairpin and essentially forcing his way past the Lotus of Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman sensibly gives the Sauber space to avoid contact. That was for 17th.
  142. "There's very little benefit in terms of performance when it comes to new tyres in this race."
    LAP 11
    Max Chilton, Jules Bianchi and Esteban Gutierrez are being investigated by the stewards for cars being out of place on the grid. Daniil Kvyat could have a problem because he's dropped from eighth down to 13th.
    LAP 10
    Monaco GP
    Nico Rosberg's lead is up to one second with 68 laps remaining. Meanwhile, the incident between Jenson Button and Sergio Perez will be investigated after the race.
    So Nico Rosberg leads from Lewis Hamilton with Kimi Raikkonen third and Daniel Ricciardo fourth. Fernando Alonso is fifth, Kevin Magnussen sixth and Jean-Eric Vergne seventh. Daniil Kvyat, Nico Hulkenberg and Jenson Button complete the top 10.
    It's all over for Sebastian Vettel in Monaco as his team instruct him to return to the pits and retire the car.
    Sebastian Vettel reports: "I'm stuck in first gear." Oh dear. Luck has well and truly deserted the reigning world champion this year.
    Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race to reduce the deficit to Nico Rosberg to 0.6 seconds. Kimi Raikkonen is running strongly in third, two seconds off the pace.

  149. "Vettel's got a wounded car. That might be something to do with the recovery system on the car. He's now in a re-set mode."
    "Come on guys....I mean you're trying everything.," says Vettel who blows hot and then cold straight away when he realises his team are doing what they can to rectify the problem. The German had an electrical problem yesterday. He's made it back to the pits. They service the car and then send him back out again.
    Nico Rosberg slows right down ahead of the restart and then puts the hammer down out of the corner. The German leads comfortably across the line, with Lewis Hamilton staying close. Sebastian Vettel, in third, can't do the same, though. He's got a problem and is dropping down the field! More misery for the reigning world champion.
    The safety car will be coming in at the end of this lap, thanks largely to swift work from the marshals to clear up the mess at Mirabeau.
    Lewis Hamilton: "How are my brakes? Feels like my temperatures are dropping."
    The safety car is out already as the damaged Force India needs clearing up.

    Sergio Perez is in the wall on the exit of Mirabeau after getting tagged by the McLaren of Jenson Button. That causes a blockage, forcing drivers to back off significantly to get round.
  156. 13:04: 
    It's a beautiful start from Nico Rosberg who blasts away from pole and takes the first corner unchallenged. Lewis Hamilton tucks in behind him, with Kimi Raikkonen making a stunning start in the Ferrari to move up to fourth after Daniel Ricciardo bogs down from third.
  157. 13:02: 
    Here we go, then. One light, two lights, three lights, four lights, five lights. Let the Monaco Grand Prix begin!
  158. 13:00: 
    Nico Rosberg leads the field away for the formation lap. Everyone gets away apart from Pastor Maldonado in the Lotus. He'll start from the pit lane.

  159. "Barring rain, the Monaco Grand Prix will be a one-stop race, that much is clear. But after that, strategy is an unknown. Both tyres are very hard for the low-abrasion track and there is almost no wear on either the soft or the super-soft. The key will be the rate of thermal degradation and although predictions are that the super-soft will run to around lap 28, no-one actually knows. The soft will run to the end of the race, whenever a driver stops for it, but it is at least a second slower than a super-soft, so people will be delaying the switch as late as possible.
    "Normally in F1, a driver stopping earlier will gain time on a rival who stops later. But if someone can keep their super-softs in good shape, he could benefit from running longer while the others struggle to get their softs up to working temperature.
    "In 2012, Fernando Alonso used this strategy to leapfrog Lewis Hamilton for the final place on the podium by setting 'purple' fastest of the race sector times on his in-lap on lap 31. And if Ferrari had been a bit sharper in their thinking at the time and left him out for a lap or two longer, he might have won the race. The super-soft this year is effectively the same tyre as the super-soft in 2012. Will someone - perhaps even Alonso himself - pull the same trick again?"
  160. 12:58: 
    What a first corner we have in store, folks. It sounds like Lewis Hamilton hasn't let what happened yesterday slide based on comments from Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff. Don't go anywhere.

  161. "Rosberg's starts recently have been dodgy."
  162. 12:56: 
    Not long until the start of the formation lap, folks. Don't forget you can listen to BBC Radio 5 live commentary by clicking the link at the top right of this page.

  163. "Can the Red Bulls or perhaps Fernando Alonso's Ferrari challenge the Mercedes drivers in this race? It's unlikely, given the inherent pace advantage Mercedes have, but not impossible. Alonso said: 'I think it is going to be closer due to the pace we will have in the race. I remember last year the Mercedes were holding everyone creating a big train of cars. With the advantage they have I'm sure they will not push too much. While they can be 50% all the laps, we can be 110% all the laps.
    "'That will make the train a little bit closer and we could be around there. But after the start and the laps around the pit stops it is difficult to overtake, so we just have to be very focused. We have some forecast of rain and if that happens probably it will change a lot and anything can happen. We did a couple of laps in FP2 in wet conditions and it felt really slippery, more than any other year. I don't know whether it's the asphalt or the lines or whatever, but in case of rain tomorrow the race will be quite difficult, easy to make mistakes and it is what we don't want to do.'"

  164. "It's the royal race. It may be the lowest-placed podium in F1 but it's the one every driver wants to top."

  165. Eddie Jordan and Noel Edmonds
    "EJ and Noel... Separated at birth?"
  166. 12:54: 
    Lewis Hamilton looks fully focused as he sits in his Mercedes waiting the start of the race. The 2008 world champion is leading the championship for the first time since the end of the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix and he has not led the championship for more than one round at any tie since midway through the 2010 season.
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcf1 or BBC Sport on Facebook
    James Lockey: Alonso can win from 5th moving to the pit exit at turn one as the Mercs take each other out and the Red Bull's take damage.
    Stew Bone: Hamilton will not finish the race, will go to aggressive and hit a barrier.
    Paul McGuiness: Niki Lauda is kidding himself and is in danger of losing as much respect as Rosberg did yesterday. We know what he did and so does he.
    McLaren melon
    McLaren: You should see what they did to the bananas.
  169. "Strong performances from both Toro Rosso drivers put Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat seventh and ninth on the grid. The Russian was particularly impressive on his first ever visit to Monaco in any capacity. He lost it coming over the notorious crest after the Tunnel early in first qualifying, swiping the nose of his car. But he had the presence of mind to radio his team to say the car was otherwise undamaged, and to coolly go out again and scrape through into Q2. To go from that to ninth on the grid is the latest stand-out performance from an already highly accomplished debut season."
  170. 12:52: 
    George Lucas considers buying a car
    Star Wars mastermind George Lucas, who traditionally books the same room in the same hotel overlooking the hairpin every year, is on the grid, soaking up the atmosphere before the start of the race in the playground of the billionaires.
  171. 12:50: 
    Four-time world champion Alain Prost is asked by Jennie Gow on BBC Radio 5 live about Lewis Hamilton's comments about taking a page from Senna's book. The Frenchman replies: "He could have chosen me! I don't think it was deliberate from Nico. I hope there's no problem between the two because it's too soon."
  172. 12:48: 
    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says "It's getting intense, but all is OK," with regards the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. He adds on BBC Radio 5 live, which you can listen to by clicking the link at the top of this page. "There's always tension but it's what F1 is all about."
    "Kimi Raikkonen was fortunate this weekend that the gap between the top three teams and the rest is as big as it is, as there have been recent seasons when that 0.703secs margin between himself and team-mate Fernando Alonso would have been 14 places on the grid, not one. Those who know both well had predicted Raikkonen would struggle around Monaco this weekend compared to Alonso. The Pirelli tyres are hard and not easy to get into their working range, and Ferrari struggle with this more than most. And while the improvisational Alonso can adapt to whatever is required - which is why his car has looked so alive this weekend; he realised he needed to drive it like that to get it to work - Raikkonen needs things to be just so before he can be at his best. And a good feel for - and grip from - the front is critical to his ability to perform.
    "'It was a difficult weekend so far again,' Raikkonen said, 'just fighting with the car all the time. It's not really a set-up problem. We don't seem to get the tyres working well and are struggling with the front end and, at a place like this, if you don't have a good feeling with the front it is difficult because you can't push. In normal circuits if you run wide it's fine, but here there is no second chance.'"
    GET INVOLVED- #Sportmastaf1 or Sportmasta Sport on Facebook
    You can get in touch using #Sportmastaf1 or by leaving a comment on Sportmasta Sport Facebook page.
    Ashley Wilkinson: Lewis said he wants to take a Senna approach to Rosberg. It's a short run to turn one. There'll be fireworks. Can't wait.
    Dan Knowles: Defo start of a Prost/Senna Rivalry forming - Reckon Hamilton is gunna take out Rosberg in the first Corner!
    Scott Smith: Monaco GP a highlight of the season as usual. Any potential tension at Mercedes up front after Rosberg Quali controversy a bonus.
  175. 12:44: 
    There will be a unveiling of a plaque in tribute to three-time world champion Jack Brabham by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone before the start of the race. The Australian died on Monday, aged 88.
  176. 12:42: 
    Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda: "This thing we have with Lewis accusing the other of doing something stupid; I tried to fix this this morning with Lewis but I couldn't. if they hit each other at the first corner then they have a problem with me."
  177. 12:40: 
    If Mercedes win in Monaco on Sunday, they will become only the second manufacturer in F1 history to win the opening six races of a season behind McLaren in 1988 who managed 11 in succession.
    If it's Lewis Hamilton, who stands on the top step, it will be the first time he has won five races in a row since is title-winning Euro F3 season in 2005.
  178. 12:38: 
    Nico Rosberg (centre) arrives at the Monaco Grand Prix
    Nico Rosberg was all smiles this morning as he strolled into the paddock. Can he follow up last year's victory on his doorstep with another triumph this year? We'll find out in 78 laps time. The formation lap begins in 22 minutes' time.

  179. "Fernando Alonso described the lap that netted him fifth on the grid as 'probably the best of the year'. Which, given that he had already said his qualifying lap in China was one of the best of his illustrious career, means it must have been something truly special. He actually did two similar times - a 1:16.792 on his first run and a 16.686 on his second. The last one put him a massive 0.703secs clear of team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, a margin Alonso said he 'never' expected.
    "It emerged in his news conference that it was references to his allegedly poor qualifying form in the Italian media that had so angered him ahead of this race, and led to his now-infamous remarks about 'close friends' not being supportive in the way Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche had been in declaring him 'maybe the best driver in F1'.
    "'Monaco has been my best circuit, or my best (for) qualifying. I looked before coming here; in the 13 years, I was always quite competitive. I think I was 11 times in front of my team-mate and two times behind. So it has been for sure my favourite circuit for one-lap performance, to take the risk. So it was funny to read that Saturday in Monaco was my weakness.'"
  180. 12:36: 
    We have not had rain during a Formula 1 race since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix. We have had 24 races since then. The most recent rain-affected Monaco grand Prix was in 2012 when it was light rain at the end but the last "proper" wet Monaco Grand Prix was in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won, on his way to the title. Today, rain is unlikely, with a dry, warm race predicted. That'll please those on the yachts in the harbour.
  181. 12:34: 
    Since Red Bull's first win in China in 2009, the reigning world champions have never gone six races in between victories. I thik they may just do that today unless the Mercedes run into trouble...

  182. "Five-one in Daniel Ricciardo's favour in qualifying in their first six races as Red Bull team-mates does not look great for Sebastian Vettel, but there have been mitigating circumstances in many of those races, and there were again here. Vettel ended up fourth, 0.163secs shy of the Australian, but explained: 'Somewhere in first qualifying I lost the ability to use all the electrical power to discharge the car. In the end we ended up running a mode that was fine but not as good as it should be. We tried lots of different modes but at some point you have to get your head down. It was pretty close. Unfortunately I had a yellow in the first sector so I couldn't go for the second run but the most important thing was the car was quick. Before qually I thought we could give Mercedes a hard time but we struggled ourselves and the gap was too big.'"
  183. 12:32: 
    The pit lane has opened its doors, which means the drivers can head out to the grid, or complete a few "out" and "in" laps to check all is well with the car before the start.
  184. 12:30: 
    Jamie Roberts (left) and Daniel Ricciardo
    Where do the VIP guests flock to when they arrive in Monaco? Red Bull's floating motorhome, complete with swimming pool and bar, of course. Here's Wales rugby player Jamie Roberts with Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.

  185. "Both Red Bull drivers were a little disappointed after qualifying. Both had felt that they might be able to get in among the Mercedes drivers but it did not work out. Ricciardo, who said he 'had a chance to get closer and at least split them', made a mistake at Turn Eight on his final run and blew the lap. But he at least was able to joke about the tense atmosphere between Hamilton and Rosberg in the post-qualifying news conference. 'I thought I was going to be the miserable one in the press conference but it was a little bit awkward at times,' he said. The Australian has now out-qualified four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel five times in six races, but he played that achievement down. 'A lot of people are probably saying that's awesome, 5-1 now,' he said. 'But I'm just genuinely disappointed because I could have done better. I try not to look at him too much.'"
    BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans: Very tense in Monaco. The word in the pits is today is the day Nico and Lewis file for divorce, or at the very least sign up for relate.
  187. 12:28: 
    Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at the Monaco Grand Prix
    Benedict Cumberbatch, better known as Sherlock, is back in the F1 paddock. He made his first appearance in Malaysia earlier this year and in a break with tradition, carried out the post-race podium interviews. Will he reprise the role later today?
    SPORTMASTA F1 pit-lane reporter A DEX DESTINY: "Mercedes co-team boss Toto Wolff admits that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were 'not happy to see each other' this morning, but adds: ' If your team-mate is main competitor for world championship he's not going to be your best friend.'
    "Asked if this was a defining moment, Wolff said: 'Every race is a defining moment. There is a long way to go to finish first in the championship and it is going to be adventurous for the rest of the season.' Have the team given the drivers instructions about the race? 'You don't need to give them instructions because they know they need to score points and you can't allow yourself to crash out even if there is heat in the situation."

  189. "The clutch on Nico Rosberg's Mercedes has been changed overnight, which means that he will have to gather all the data the engineers need for a good start on the formation laps. He has had a few ropey starts in a row and said earlier this weekend that he was confident the engineers had found out why. But will the clutch change affect his getaway?"
  190. 12:26: 
    Mercedes have taken every pole, won every race and led every lap so far in 2014, equalling the performances of Williams in 1992 and McLaren in 1988. This year, they have already scored 197 points, more than half their total from the entire 2013 season - 360. Will they continue that domination in Monaco or will there be a coming together at Turn One to let their rivals in with a shot? I've got an interesting snippet with regards Nico Rosberg's clutch coming up for you from Andrew Benson.
  191. 12:25: 
    So who is your tip for victory today? Based on the fact the Monaco Grand Prix has only once not been won from pole in the last 10 years, it's looking rather good for Nico Rosberg. But the one time it wasn't won from pole was when Lewis Hamilton claimed his first and as yet only victory in Monaco in 2008. And I think he's going to give it a ruddy good go into Turn One so he can't be ruled out.
    Fire over your thoughts using the #bbcf1 hashtag, leaving a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page or by texting 81111 (UK only).
  192. 12:23: 
    Following his fifth place in qualifying, Fernando Alonso donned his Real Madrid shirt and pulled up a pew in the Ferrari motorhome to watch the Champions League final where Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 4-1. He tweeted: #HalaMadrid
    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who starts fifth: Today was one of those laps that leave you with a "smile" for the rest of the day. Very happy.

  194. "In engaging in a close title fight with Lewis Hamilton as his team-mate, Nico Rosberg is experiencing this year what only one man on the grid has before - Fernando Alonso, when he was at McLaren in 2007. What was the Spaniard's take on the sudden spike in tension following qualifying? 'I think it's normal in other sports and especially in F1 there is a lot of media attention, a lot of pressure, a lot of things going on inside the team,' he said. 'You should beat your team-mate to get a good respect and of course if you also have a championship battle in that garage things become more tense and more public and even sometimes exaggerated. I'm sure they will have some up and downs in the year and everything will be exaggerated but I hope they have a clean and good championship and whoever wins hopefully will be the best of the two and the one who deserves more.'"
  195. 12:21: 
    Saturday was a good day for Tony Fernandes. The Malaysian business tycoon, who owns Caterham, saw his other sporting hobby QPR win promotion back to the Premier League, netting them an extra £80m in TV income.
    Thanks to quick work from the decals makers, Caterham have a congratulatory message on their cars for the race.
    Sticking with Caterham, a story emerged in the Malaysian press that Fernandes is trying to sell the F1 team - who have yet to score a point since joining the sport in 2010 - and sportscar company for approximately £350m.
  196. 12:19: 
    Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Massa
    Marcus Ericsson will start today's race from the pit lane after the stewards found he was responsible for "recklessly colliding" with Felipe Massa during qualifying.
    The Caterham driver, who was 22nd fastest, was also given two penalty points on his licence. Massa was 10th fastest in Q1 but could not returned to the pits after damage and will therefore start 16th.
  197. 12:16: 
    1) Nico Rosberg 2) Lewis Hamilton 3) Daniel Ricciardo 4) Sebastian Vettel 5) Fernando Alonso 6) Kimi Raikkonen 7) Jean-Eric Vergne 8) Kevin Magnussen 9) Daniil Kvyat 10) Sergio Perez
    11) Nico Hulkenberg 12) Jenson Button 13) Valtteri Bottas 14) Romain Grosjean 15) Pastor Maldonado 16) Felipe Massa
    17) Esteban Gutierrez 18) Adrian Sutil 19) Max Chilton 20) Kamui Kobayashi 21) Jules Bianchi*
    Starting from the pit-lane: Marcus Ericsson
    *Jules Bianchi took a five-place grid penalty, having qualified 19th, for a gearbox change.
  198. 12:13: 
    Of course, there is more to today's race than just the battle between the Mercedes drivers. Daniel Ricciardo once again outperformed Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel in qualifying, and will start third on the grid with Vettel alongside.
    It is the first time Vettel has been out-qualified five times in the first six races by a team-mate. The battle for the final podium will likely be between these two and the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso in fifth.

  199. "What did Lewis Hamilton mean when he said: 'I quite like the way Senna dealt with' his dispute with Prost? The obvious inference was that he was referring to Suzuka 1990, when Senna, believing he had been the victim of an injustice, rammed his rival off the track at the first corner. Will Hamilton, assuming he makes a good-enough start, put himself in a position where Rosberg has to choose whether he wants to have an accident? Or will he have calmed down and accepted it was an honest mistake? How long will this now increasingly tense relationship fester? And will it blow up completely, as did that of Senna and Prost? The parallels between this season and 1988 just get stronger and stronger."
  200. 12:09: 
    The Nico Rosberg incident was investigated by the stewards but they cleared the German, who lives in the principality and won this race last year, of any wrongdoing.
    He'll start on pole position for today's race - in what is the sixth P1 start of his career, eclipsing father Keke's total. With Lewis Hamilton alongside, the rundown to Turn One at the start should be very interesting.
    It is traditionally very difficult to overtake at Monaco, but will Hamilton somehow find a way to get through?
    Pixie Lott
    Caterham: We were delighted to show @PixieLott around our Monaco garage - welcome back any time!
  202. 12:06: 
    Lewis Hamilton was certainly not in party mood on Saturday, though. The 2008 world champion had a face like thunder after he had to abort his final lap in qualifying because of yellow flags which had been brought out after his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg outbraked himself and slid into the escape road.
    As a result, Rosberg took pole, Hamilton had to settle for second.
    The parallels with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost returned. Asked by BBC Radio 5 live whether his relationship with Rosberg was "even more like Senna and Prost now", Hamilton said after qualifying: "Essentially."
    When it was suggested the two drivers would have to sit down and discuss the incident, Hamilton said: "I don't know if Senna and Prost sat down and talked it out. I quite like the way Senna dealt with it, so I'm going to take a page out of his book."
    Let battle commence.

  203. "The private battle for the title between Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg was always likely to boil over this year, and here in Monaco on Saturday it finally did. On his final qualifying lap, Rosberg locked up at Mirabeau and took to the escape road, and the resultant yellow flags meant that Hamilton, next man on the road, could not improve his time. Hamilton, believing he had been on course to snatch pole, was furious, clearly suspicious it was deliberate. The stewards found otherwise, but not before Hamilton had said he would 'take a page out of Senna's book' to deal with it. This race was already a fascinating prospect, but the anticipation has now jumped several notches."
  204. 12:03: 
    Felipe Massa
    Hello everybody and welcome to our live coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix on the streets of Monte Carlo.
    Considered the jewel in the crown of Formula 1, the iconic race sees motor racing pilgrims descend on the principality for one weekend each May to watch the sport the "Monaco way". Big boats, balcony views, celebrities galore. It's the place to be.
  205. 12:00: 
    Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost
    McLaren team-mates Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost famously fell out during the 1988-89 seasons as they battled for the title.
    Twenty six years later, it's a different team with different drivers but similar signs of team-mate meltdown.
    Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg
    Mercedes pairing Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been friends since they were kids but the cracks are beginning to show as the title fight intensifies.
    Rosberg starts on pole, Hamilton second. What a first corner we have in prospect.
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