Monday, 18 July 2016

Mourinho victim of attempted burglary while watching TV

Mourinho victim of attempted burglary while watching TV
The Portuguese coach was watching his country beat France in the Euro 2016 final while a man tried to break in via the basement, but was spotted by a maid and arrested.
A burglar who tried to rob Jose Mourinho's house while the Manchester United manager watched the Euro 2016 final has been sentenced to four weeks in prison.

The Portuguese was watching his country take on France in the tournament decider, in which Eder scored an injury-time goal to secure the Seleccao's first ever major title, when a maid discovered a man trying to break in via a basement door.

The former Real Madrid boss and his wife Matilde Faria watched on from the window of their £25 million home as police arrested the culprit after he was spotted by a private security guard, who saw him trying to gain entry to other houses and blocked his exit as he tried to flee.
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