Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Your Says of the Day: ‘Arsenal’s interest in Lacazette not serious’

Alexandre Lacazette: Likely to stay with Lyon
Our readers debate whether Arsenal’s interest in Alexandre Lacazette is genuine and the success of Manchester United’s transfer window.
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Lacazette move could by a ploy

Well… The bid everyone was waiting for finally came, although I wouldn’t have called 35m euros the sort of money that makes us seem serious.
If we really wanted this guy, which I don’t really get the vibe that we do, then we have to be looking at way in excess of that to even make Lyon think about it! Even more so if they feel insulted by this initial bid.
Don’t see this one happening, personally. And we either act serious or leave everyone guessing. Bids like this don’t exactly show us in the best light because, in this market, they’re as good as ridiculous!

Balotelli joining Liverpool was a big mistake

There’s talk of Ballotelli going back to Inter which i think is the only ‘big time’ kind of atmosphere that will reignite him. Mancini had a successful relationship with him for a time at City and Mario was instrumental in securing the premiership title, even laying on the assist for Aguero’s title winning goal.
Ballotelli frankly suffers from the fact that at a young age he’d played at every level and virtually won everything that club level football could offer him. Coming back to the Prem he was already returning to a league where he’d won the title, laying on the crucial goal and won the FA cup (voted man of the match).
Liverpool was a big mistake, joining a club who have lost the thread of their previous success, with little idea of how they were going to utilise his skills the same could be said of Benteke and Andy Carrol, two other Liverpool imports who were left in tactical no man’s land.

Worrying times at Old Trafford?

Eric Bailly: Defender made debut against Wigan
So, the transfer window so far: a centre back who is apparently behind Phil Jones in the pecking order; a striker nearly Giggs’ age for one year at the most, who will be in competition with Rooney and Rashford and will only play when he feels up to it; an undoubted talent in midfield; and another midfielder whose saga has been dragging on for months and who, we all know, will either end up at Real or back to Juve with a bigger pay packet – the second time we have been conned by him. And half a squad about to be sold, or so we are told. I hope this isn’t indicative of Mourinho’s future at OT.

A cautious window from Liverpool

Bingo: I’d hold off on slapping yourself on the back just yet. We’ve sold IBE, Allen Skrtel and Smyth to date and the only reason we haven’t sold Benteke and a few others is that we haven’t been able to take them so far. There will be more to go for sure.
I also remember you thinking we’d be spending big and we’d start spending more on wages as we were now financially sound. The net spend has been small and when we offload Benteke it will be negligible.
The reality is that it has been yet another very cautious window from FSG. I don’t necessarily have an issue with that but it’s seems a little different to your prophecies!

Ben Yedder would flop even in Championship

Wissam Ben Yedder: Broke goal records with Toulouse
He’s a 3rd rater, average by French League standards. Not especially good in the air, mobile but not what you would call quick. He is 25 but is not a full French International. This is a guy who would struggle to make an impact in the Championship.
With Mertesacker injured we need a quality central defender not another nobody from France. Why won’t Wenger address our real problems.
The Oracle

Sakho will work his way back into Liverpool team

Mamadou Sakho: Failed drugs test
I’m sure Sakho will apologize and work his way back into the side. Sometimes these players just need a bit of disciplining to show who’s boss. From what I’ve gathered Sakho really enjoys working with Klopp.
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