Thursday, 14 July 2016

Your Says of the Day: Let’s all laugh at Rodgers; Higuain overpriced

Brendan Rodgers: Humbled on first match in charge
Our readers have a laugh at Brendan Rodgers’ embarrassing debut defeat with Celtic, why Cesc Fabregas should remain a Chelsea player and why any move for Gonzalo Higuain would be hugely overpriced.

Oh dear Brendan

Rodgers: “There’s no embarrassment”. Is he for real? They lost to a team full of part timers. The fella who scored the winner is a policeman. How much more embarrassing does he want? Can you imagine if they don’t beat them at home?
The knives may be out for him after just two games. Genuinely shocked at that result.

Looks to me like ol’ Brendan is being found out by the mighty Imps. Failing to get past a Champions League qualifier against a team of part-timers should be a sack-able offense.
I also would imagine Celtic are paying more for Rodgers than their normal pick for a manager. One wonders if Brendan still managed to sneak the word “outstanding” into his presser.

Good business by Liverpool

Ibe and Skrtel finally offloaded for a combined £20m. Good business. Benteke soon to offloaded for around £30m. Allen next? Amongst others.
Now let’s get a solid, reliable left-back in. Hector has reportedly turned down Barcelona and who could blame him. Why would he play second fiddle to Alba?
Time for us to pounce and bring him to Anfield. Just turned 26 so that would be our left back position boxed off for several seasons.
Let’s get it done.

Higuain price is a joke

Has the world really gone mad. Napoli have set a 90m Euro release clause for Higuain. They bought him for 28m back three years ago. Now his value has plummeted by 60m. Surely this is some sort of a joke.
As a player, I admire him. I heavily criticized Wenger for not signing him and always thought he was top class and perfect for our system. At the Copa America he was selected ahead of world class “Aguero” which says a lot. However you have to consider some facts here. He’s 29 years of age. To pay anything above £50m (and I’m being very generous even with that offer) for player of that age would prove madness.
There are reports in the Italian press claiming there is a possibility of a Giroud and cash offer for Higuain. To be more brief, we could be offering something like 60m euros + Giroud for him. If these reports are true and this deal goes through, I will personally hold Wenger responsible for mishandling the club’s resources.
the specialone

Chelsea fans want Fabregas to stay

Cesc Fabregas: Explains Jose Mourinho departure
Cmon, personally I wouldn’t let him go and I certainly wouldn’t let him go to United but it’s all down to Conte.
If this interest from United and Mourinho in Fabregas is true, it seemingly puts to bed the view that Fabregas was one of the leaders of the alleged anti Mourinho revolution.
nine nine nine

On his day, Fabregas can open up any defence and create a chance from nothing. Unfortunately as we have seen he never seems capable of playing for a full season. I had Conte down as using Fabregas as his Pirlo so must admit could not see him leaving.
However, all the reports in the press seem to have us linked with only midfield players all of whom have an energy about them rather than potentially creativity like Fabregas. Whether that is to replace him totally or to compliment him remains to be seen.
If we do sell him then we should expect to receive a decent fee.

Anyone can beat anyone

With all this money coming through, and all these potential signings, the Premier League looks so well balanced on paper. Anyone can beat anyone, and it appears that even the lowliest of clubs can attract big names to aid them.
While the top four is usually the same familiar names, it seems everyone has a shot of grabbing a European spot, or an unfortunate drop to the Championship.
So with all this equality in the league, who do you think is the most likely to drop at the end of the season?
We (Middlesbrough) have made some cracking signings this summer so far, and if we manage to land Ramirez, Negredo, and Subotic on top of that, with all our young lads fighting for places too, I’ll have every confidence in at least a top 12 finish.
Burnley and Hull have been too quiet so I feel they may drop, while I’ll throw Sunderland in there too due to Fat Sam possibly leaving for England.

Janssen will improve Spurs

I for one am very excited about the Janssen signing, with his hunger and young age, I think this will improve us as a team immensely.
Now, I know that I shouldn’t get too excited on the basis of Youtube footage, ie: Soldado, but looking at Janssens all round play, he looks like he has a footballing brain and will suit how we play; and bang in loads of goals! He’s also going to look fantastic in that Gold Strip, but probably not as good as Victor Wanyama!
Bring on the New season!!!! COYS

Palace fans want Benteke decision

Benteke is holding out for a “bigger” club before he moves. I believe that his time at Liverpool is over, all he’s going to be there is a bit part player. The question is, How long do we give him to make up his mind before we look elsewhere?
Pardew clearly wants him, but when the player starts dragging his heels waiting for a better offer we have to have an alternative in mind otherwise we’ll be left at the altar.

I’d prefer to see Berahino come in, quick and skillful and for £20m better value all round. We already have Wickham who can do the same job like Benteke, just need to keep him on the park.
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