Rafael Catala has criticised the Spanish champions for their #WeAreAllLeoMessi hashtag, saying he does not sympathise with the Argentine as he has "not committed a tax offence"
Spanish justice minister Rafael Catala has criticised Barcelona's social-media campaign in support of Lionel Messi after he was convicted of tax fraud.
The Spanish champions launched the #WeAreAllLionelMessi hashtag after the Argentine was found guilty of the offence and handed a suspended prison sentence.
The campaign has been widely criticised, however, and Catala has become the latest figure to suggest it is inappropriate.

While sympathising with Barcelona's right to support their player, he accused the club of trying to "minimise [Messi's] liability established by a court".
"I'm not Messi, I have not committed a tax offence and therefore I do not feel... and do not think many Catalans and Barca fans agree with such an approach," he said.