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Club-by-club transfer verdicts

Club-by-club transfer verdicts
Chelsea, Hull and Liverpool have reason to celebrate, but Arsenal, Man United and Newcastle struggled. Join us as we give you the rundown on each club.
bryan robson (Manchester United): I'm not sure Man United deserves a 7/10. If you take each new signing individually, I'm very happy with who we brought in. Rojo has looked solid for club and country over the past year, as have Blind. Herrera enjoyed a great spell for Athletic, a great pre-season and gave clear indications as to why he was a priority target. Shaw has amazing potential and could be the next 1st choice for England on LB for years to come. Di Maria and Falcao... well. Just World Class. However, if you look at the big picture, we've let Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra go all at once. 3 Players who've been an integral part of the United defense for years. Something that drastic leaves gaps, and the 150 mio. spent on transfers hasn't really done much to close them. Shaw primarily LB. Rojo's primarily LB. Blind's primarily LB or DMC. You'd think that 150 mio. could get you at least one solid replacement in central defense and I fear we're going to suffer if Smalling, Jones and Evans can't live up to whatever expectations Van Gaal appear to place on them. All in all, you can't be too unhappy as a United fan, though. Man, it's gonna be interesting to see what our new attacking line can do! Good season everyone!
Editor Comments : I was tempted to go lower, but then it's difficult when you look at the players that have come in. Falcao, Di Maria and, as I've said, Blind are brilliant signings in particular, but they are predominantly in positions that didn't need strengthening. Defence and midfield are big worries, but you've just signed Falcao and Di Maria! Steady.
03/09/14 10:47am
sekitto (Liverpool): I am happy with liverpool's transfer activity..after last season it was really important we addressed our small squad and i must say ian ayre done a wonderful job in signing most of our targets...i liked the moreno deal because we didnt panic and sevilla blinked first.Balotelli...Good signing
Editor Comments : I agree, Liverpool have done very well this window. However, the defence still looks shaky. Not as bad as last season, as Lovren, Moreno and Manquillo are improvements, but there's still a weakness.
03/09/14 10:43am
a-g (Chelsea): Out: Ba £4.7m, Lukaku £28m, Luiz £50m, Lampard free (big contract off books), Eto'o free, Torres free (big contract off books), Cole (big contract off books). In: Diego Costa £32m, Fabregas £27m, Luis £18m, Remy £10.5m, Courtois free (loan return), Drogba free. Net spend: £87.5m - £82.5m = -£5m. (However more likely a break even when wages are taken into account. Says it all no?
03/09/14 11:10am
welshdai (Arsenal): Chelsea have done amazingly well this transfer window. Still can't believe they sold Luiz for £50 Mil.
Editor Comments : One of the best windows I can remember from any club. Every problem has been addressed, they have enough players to field two incredibly strong starting XIs, the wage bill has been cut and they've possibly even worked at a profit all summer. Steady.
03/09/14 10:41am
dsnapiri (Liverpool): It can't be all has done better than worse in the transfer window. A scale from 1 to 10 should be used to it's fullest. I think Manchester deserve a 5 or a 6, and Chelsea (and probably Hull as well) deserve the 10, but surely west brom, burnley and stoke can't pretend to have had a "good" window if they know they're going to struggle all season.
Editor Comments : Burnley have done the best they possibly could in my opinion with their restrictions, while West Brom's business is a huge risk. For Stoke, they've bought very well and barely spent, and I sincerely doubt they'll be battling relegation. Steady.
03/09/14 10:31am
silvaguero (Manchester City): Wow.. Its amazing.. Southampton loose nearly all their star players. You give em 7.5? We are missing only a handful of players from the team that won the league just over a year ago. We had a def mid, Falcao, Di Maria, and 3 defenders, who all featured in the world cup! And we struggled.. so you give us a 7?? Liverpool get 8.5?? The bought Lallana, Lambert, and Lovren (And obvious others), but if that is great business by them, then why was it great business of Southampton to get rid? I think you don't understand your own article! Its transfer verdicts not who has better team. Utd will still struggle because they haven't gelled yet. But the transfer verdict... has got to be 9 or 10. My favourite is giving us an 8 for doing bugger all! I hate Manure, but their window was probably one of the most amazing I've seen. Shaw, Herrera , TBD, but Rojo, Blind, Di Maria, Falcao??
Editor Comments : Southampton may have lost their star players, but they've replaced them very well and all for a huge profit. Liverpool have also spent very well. Look at their squad last season and it was threadbare. This season, they've added true quality as well as a mix of youth, and the squad looks so much stronger. As I've said, City's main transfer remit was to tie their main players down to long-term deals, which they did. Mangala and Fernando will also strengthen them. Finally, United have signed some truly world class players, but they have barely solved any of their weaknesses from last season. The defence and midfield needed massive reinforcements, and while I think Blind will actually prove to be their best signing, they haven't done enough there. Steady.
03/09/14 10:11am
lfc x 5 (Liverpool): Fair enough but what has Mignolet got to do with Liverpool's transfer verdict?
Editor Comments : I feel that Mignolet and Johnson - if he's a starter - are now Liverpool's only weaknesses in defence. He's a great shot-stopper, but far too mistake-prone; similar to Reina. Hopefully Valdes comes in, as is reported. Steady.
03/09/14 9:59am
forever hoops (Queens Park Rangers): 5.5/10? We signed two Chilean internationals and a Dutch international who were very impressive at the WC (and all under 27), one of the best holding midfielders in the league (Sandro), one of the best young goalkeepers in the country (McCarthy) kept hold of the enigmatic Taarabt (a matchwinner on his day), and brought in the aforementioned (and highly (impressive) Caulker. I'm all for varying opinions, but this is just nonsense.....we have had on of the best transfer windows of any newly promoted club in the history of the PL. Why you have chosen to focus on the signing of Krancjar (who has obviously only been brought in as a squad player) instead of our other highly impressive acquisition's is beyond me. Losing Remy will hurt, but how you can rate us any lower than an 8 is really a mystery.
Editor Comments : As you infer, there are bound to be varying opinions here. However, I can't help but feel that Harry Redknapp hasn't learned from his mistakes last time around. Rio Ferdinand is a huge gamble, even on a free. The likes of Fer and Mutch are good players, but are they any better than what you already had? Sandro is a fine player on his day, but that is getting rarer and rarer as injuries take their toll. Again, will Isla play? McCarthy and Caulker are your best buys, but they are inexperienced at this level so, again, are gambles. I'd be happy to be proven wrong! Steady.
03/09/14 9:56am
drunkenmaster (Arsenal): "Wellbeck will surely fail to cover a goal shortage." How prophetic of the main stream media - seems a lot of ex-pros disagree. Arsenal's problem will be at the other end - not scoring goals.
Editor Comments : As I've said, defence and attack needed big reinforcements. Wenger has opened himself up to huge criticism after a promising start to the summer by not prioritising those positions. Steady.
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