Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Golf. Ryder Cup day two as it happened

  1. 0116: 
    That's me for this evening, I'm off to draw pictures of Ian Poulter. Night.
    Indianapolis Colts offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo: "I feel the same way about Ian Poulter that I do Shooter McGavin."
    Former US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy on Twitter: "Nicely played @IanJamesPoulter. The Ryder Cup suits you well."
    Michael Breed on Twitter: "Am I the only one who wants to see @IanJamesPoulter vs @Keegan_Bradley tomorrow? And people say I have a lot of energy."
    Jason Sobel on Twitter: Rory McIlroy looked both scared of and amused by Ian Poulter right there. Wasn't sure if he was going to hug him or attack him.
  6. 0101: 
    Right, we await the singles line-ups, but that all takes place at a press conference, so might not be for some time. In the meantime, what about Ian Poulter? I'm going to get some wrist bands made up with WWPD? written on them - What Would Poulter Do? I reckon they'd go down a bomb, he's a ruddy marvel.
    Mark in Cannock on 81111 on text: "Fantastic from Poulter! Why are the only leaders on the course? Ollie needs to show the same passion, desire and confidence and instil it in the team. Be a captain!"
    Nick in London on 81111 on text: "Batman? Spiderman? No interest... when I grow up I want to be Ian Poulter! Legend."
    Richie in Newcastle on 81111 on text: "Some of the American chanting just silly, some plain nasty. Win lose or draw at least we do it with dignity."
    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's going to be a much more upbeat European dressing room tonight. That is massively key, and a momentum shift has certainly gone their way. But Davis Love has been so canny so far..."
    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live
    "My gut feeling over the last couple of days is that America have played the better golf. The putting has been such a big thing. This is their home course, it has been set up for them and it has worked for them. So everything still points towards the Americans, but we know from experience that on final days, even when it can turn into big winning margins, there are times when we will think - hang on, this might happen..."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Justin Rose: "The whole team has really enjoyed that turnaround in momentum that we've just got. Poulter has been key to that. The peacock was out there with his feathers puffed out! Leave the stage to him. All that was going to happen there is that Poulter was going to be the hero to silence the crowd. And I haven't seen a better putt holed this week."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Paul Lawrie: "Poulter is some boy. 10-6 is a whole lot different for us. It was 10-4 for a very long time. Team spirit is fantastic for us. They have putted better than us, which is what it is."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Ian Poulter: "That was unbelievable. We had to get something going. From then on my putter warmed up nicely, having been pretty cold for the first 13 holes. Then it just went crazy. It was tough out there. We're in Chicago, they've had a few drinks today and they weren't making it easy for us. I will be honest, it was brutal."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Rory McIlroy: "We struggled, but we knew we just needed a spark to get something going. I was able to make a birdie on the 13th and that got this man Ian Poulter going!"
  14. 0050: 
    A day that threatened to be very, very bad for Europe ended up being kind of alright after all. But let's not get too carried away - Europe have an awesome task in trying to overhaul a four-point lead, like trying to throw off a super-heavyweight wrestler when he's got you pinned down. Then again, the United States did it at Brookline...
    Adam Moulder on Twitter: "Calling all women. Ian Poulter is the man of your dreams!"
    Jarleth Eaton on Twitter: "Ian Poulter... you legend. WHAT. A. CLUTCH. PUTT. Europe still have a chance... barely."
    SJC961 on Twitter: "Ian Poulter. Wow."
    Howard Horner on Twitter: "Poulter is single handedly reminding the world why the Ryder Cup is one of THE great sporting events. Truly unbelievable scenes."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Graeme McDowell: "Poulter has the X Factor in the Ryder Cup, something we would like to bottle. He's a special player, he loves this stage. Whatever chance we had we've now got a slightly better one. We need a huge day tomorrow, but now it's a possibility. It looked in the afternoon like to was beginning to get away from us, but we could rescue it now."
  18. 0047: 
    What an astonishing finish from Poulter - five birdies in a row to overhaul a two-hole lead, that's monstrous. Credit to Olazabal, reminding Poulter to shake Zach Johnson's hand, but Poults is an emotional hatstand. Evokes Seve in his interview, says he wants to be sent out early in the morning to go Yankee hunting. Tenner he goes out first...
    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "He has it! Of course he has! What a performance from Ian Poulter towards the end. That is why Ian Poulter is a Ryder Cup beast!"
  20. 0042: 
    McIlroy/Poulter bt Dufner/Z Johnson one up - Europe win "Don't miss it Poults!" roars some buffoon from the gallery, the Wildean wit of this Medinah crowd seemingly knowing no bounds... BOOM! HE HAD ONE MORE GRENADE! In it goes, never in doubt, straight down the pipe, five birdies in five holes to finish. The Cup is alive! the Cup is alive!
    Europe's Sergio Garcia: "Luke Donald held his own on the back nine. I hope he doesn't have too much back pain for tomorrow because I was riding him like a horse! But we were able to hit the shots and make the putts.
    "I will be firing tomorrow, because we're going to need it. We will need a big Sunday to retain the Cup."
  22. 0039: 
    If Poulter wins this, it will be his 11th in 14 Ryder Cup matches, which is nothing short of remarkable. While McIlroy looks a little bit clapped out, to be honest, Poulter looks like he's high as the proverbial kite as they line up the Northern Irishman's putt. McIlroy rather dribbles that up there, Dufner to go first for the Americans... in it goes - is Poulter out of grenades? Or has he got one last bomb left?
  23. 0034: 
    Massive moment that and this could be another one over on 18. Poulter is right on line again, but Zach's not far behind. WHAT A SHOT DUFNER! Parachutes in to a few feet, that's rather spoilt the party, if you're European, at least... McIlroy on the front... and off again...
    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It was a tough putt for Stricker but on these greens to have to hit the middle of the hole. That didn't. It was left centre, it accelerated towards the hole then lipped out."
  25. 0033: 
    Woods/Stricker bt Garcia/Donald one up: ... STRICKER MISSES! That looked in all the way but takes a late dart left and his ball stumbles over the hole and comes out the other side. Europe hang on for a point so valuable I can't even think of anything to compare it to...
  26. 0029: 
    Garcia backs away, which brings hails of derision from the gallery... steps back in... and misses just right... Stricker for the hole and to halve the match...
    Alistair Durden on Twitter: "Ian Poulter is morphing into Stuart Pearce, circa Euro 96 vs Spain at Wembley."
    John Noble on Twitter: "Ian Poulter vs the USA. Heart of a lion that man."
  28. 0028: 
    Donald to go... started just right but never came back...
  29. 0027: 
    Tiger to go first on the 18th as large, drunken men bellow into the fading light, much like American bison used to do in this area, before they were driven to near extinction. Woods misses left...
  30. 0025: 
    ... not great from Woods, but not bad either. POULTER'S AT IT AGAIN! Drains that birdie putt on 17, if you cut Ian Poulter in half you've find blood and intestines and various entrails. But they'd all be navy blue, with gold stars on. Zach pops his in, however, Europe on up going down the last...
  31. 0020: 
    Sergio, ball above his tootsies, gives it a rip - pretty decent, it's just that Stricker's is better and Woods is yet to come...
  32. 0020: 
    Donald has had a shocker - his ball comes to rest halfway up a bunker and he can only splosh it out down the fairway. Stricker to fire first for the Americans, going with seven iron... nailed it, about seven feet from the pin...
    PJ in Belfast on 81111 on text: "Oh to be a fly on the wall for Ollie's team talk tonight! I hope he ditches the hairdryer and finds some inspiration from Churchill or Collins as he prepares his troops for battle tomorrow."
    Jacqueline on 81111 on text: "I so want Europe to turn this one around, but my hopes are fading. I suppose the amazing summer of tremendous sporting achievement had to end somewhere. It's not that our players have not played well. It's just circumstances, I suppose."
    Chris from Belfast on 81111 on text: "Surely Europe are going to have to lead out with all their best players in the morning so that it's not over before they can make an impact!"
    Ed on Twitter: "Cometh the hour, Cometh the man @IanJamesPoulter."
    Vishal Patel on Twitter: "Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup Beast!"
    George Edmondson on Twitter: "Just got to love Poulter's sheer grit. Passion at it best."
  35. 0018: 
    Poulter on the par-three 17th and that's another beast of a shot, he's almost quite literally on fire. McIlroy tugs his tee shot left, here's Zach Johnson... what a shot that is, Donaldesque in fact... Dufner over in McIlroy territory...
    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's in! It's in from Poulter! What a mighty roar from Ian Poulter. He is a Ryder Cup animal!"
  37. 0011: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v McIlroy/Poulter - Europe one up after 16: Dufner is unable to make his putt and four consecutive birdies from Poulter and McIlroy mean they lead for the first time in the game. That's some scream from Poulter - someone saw Samuel Ryder off the top of that trophy and stick Ian on instead.
  38. 0010: 
    Poulter down the cliff-face on 16... slaloms it down there, big left-to-righter... and bang in the middle of the hole...
  39. 0009: 
    Tiger stalking the hole, and all those other things that journalists decide tigers would do if they played golf, before settling and taking aim - rammed it in. Donald with his two-and-a-half footer... in it goes, can't blame them for making him play it...
  40. 0007: 
    Poor old Nicolas Colsaerts looks like a man who thought he has just been told that instead of playing golf this afternoon, he's actually got to pick up a relative of his wife that he's never met from the airport - raw devastation. Garcia misses, Donald's hasn't been conceded, by the way - here's Tiger...
    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That is one of the greatest golf shots I have ever seen. Look how close Donald's ball is to the pin! That is a fantastic shot, under all this pressure and in front of such a partisan crowd."
  42. 0002: 
    It's Sergio to go first for Europe, which is just as well, Donald looks like he's just been asked to play a shot to save the entire universe. Stay classy, Garcia, that's a peach from the Spaniard. DONALD'S ALMOST STUCK IT IN! MAKE MINE A GIMME! AND STICK A FLAKE IN IT!
  43. 0000: 
    Tiger is back. I repeat, Tiger is back. All over the pin at 17, Donald and Garcia have got a whole heap of trouble on their hands. Zach into the 16th, bounds over the back. Stricker safely on at 17, too...
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "We haven't had a single halved match in this Ryder Cup so far..."
  45. 2357: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe one up after 16: ... Woods curls in an eight-footer to win the 16th, onto the par-three 17th they go, Garcia and Donald now only one ahead...
  46. 2355: 
    D Johnson/Kuchar bt Colsaerts/Lawrie one up: ... as British R&B singer Lemar has been trying to tell us all these years, there is no justice in this world - Colsaerts's putt misses and the Americans take that point, Europe are currently six behind...
  47. 2352: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v McIlroy/Poulter - All square: Dufner on 15 and he's wimped it - McIlroy and Poulter are back to all square. Dustin misses just left, meaning Colsaerts has got a chance to square it - if there's any justice in this world, he'll bury this. Then again, we know there's no justice in this world...
    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That just sums up Colsaerts' luck today. It span and missed the stick and something that should be a foot away is now 15 feet away."
    Malcolm Harvey on Twitter: "Just how unlucky has Colsaerts been today? Maybe he left whatever was in his pants yesterday in the clubhouse today..."
  50. 2350: 
    Lawrie is going to go first on 18 and he's gone right at that, racing it miles past the hole. Poulter's bunker escape betters his partner, that's a conceded three. Kuchar with his third on 18, pretty reasonable, but it's a shoot-out now between Dustin and Colsaerts - what's the Belgian got in his pants today?
  51. 2346: 
    Woods with his second at 16 and that's another beauty, Europe in trouble on that hole. McIlroy with an awkward bunker shot on 15 but that's sweet as a nut, curling it back towards the pin.
  52. 2345: 
    Good grief, for a man who hit eight birdies and an eagle yesterday, Colsaerts hasn't had a lot of luck - his approach at 18 grips, jags back down the hill and bounds over the cup, coming to rest about nine feet away. Dustin lands it out right and brings it back in...
  53. 2344: 
    "At last, my love has come along, my lonely days are over..." Sorry, was away with the fairies there. Here's Garcia coming over all Seve with a clip through the trees at 16, it's up there at least. Kuchar with his second at 18 - short. Donald into 16 and he's gone too heavy with that, miles over the back. Bit of adrenalin pumping through the veins now, Lawrie's gone beefy with his approach at 18...
    Neil in Sheffield on 81111 on text: "Not only should we bring Monty back as captain for Gleneagles we should return to the Jacklin formula and tell him the job is his for the next three Ryder Cups. Otherwise I see a generation of US dominance."
    Ben from Lincolnshire on 81111 on text: "Come on Europe! We can do this. Believe you can and it will happen."
    Ronnie in Kirkcaldy on 81111 on text: "Shot of the day: Kuchar hitting a tree on 16 square on and the ball ending up 30 yards behind him! I can do that!"
  55. 2339: 
    Zach Johnson has gone Hollywood at 15 and paid the price, finding the water. Dufner forced to lay up, McIlroy and Poulter safely down there, I believe... Dustin has done obscene things to his ball on the 18th tee, that's massive...
    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That is a huge blow struck by Dustin Johnson for the United States, and it cues all the chants you can imagine. The USA are one up with one to play, with the States guaranteed at least a half."
  57. 2335: 
    D Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - US one up after 17: Back on 17 and Colsaerts's long-ranger misses by a whisker. Dustin with his effort... MAKES IT! The Americans back to one up, going down the 18th, that's a hammer blow... "How's that for a scene?" says the chap on the telly, referring to the raucous galleries. If you're part of the European team, it's an early glimpse of what hell must look like.
  58. 2331: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe two up after 15: Woods was bang on line but lacking in pace, which leaves the door ajar for Donald. Lawrie curls one down there at 17 but nothing more than that... Donald pops that in, Europe should have that match in the bag now...
  59. 2331: 
    Sergio for birdie, down the slop... right on line, didn't hit it. Poulter on 14, from the sand... good effort, five feet coming back. The cries from the crowd getting more and more ridiculous as the day wears on and the lager seeps deeper and here's Stricker with an iffy putt on 15... Poulter with a fine clutch putt on 14, Dufner and Zach stay one up...
  60. 2327: 
    Shadows lengthening now as Woods pops out of the sand, that was pretty ordinary as well. Back to 17, Matt Kuchar, and he smuggles his tee shot over... Stricker on 15, also in the white stuff - tame, Donald with the easiest putt... Dustin makes it four balls on the green at 17, four-way birdie shoot-out...
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The next 45 minutes could decide the Ryder Cup in many ways. There are three matches out on the course and all three could go either way. If all three go the way of America then it could be all over, but if Europe take them it's back on."
  62. 2325: 
    Donald sneaks his chip shot over the bunker and to within a couple of feet at 15, interesting things are happening for Europe. Colsaerts makes the green - just - at 17 before we switch back to 15 and Garcia's nothing more than decent escape from a bunker. Lawrie also on at 17...
  63. 2322: 
    D Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - All square after 16: Dustin with his bunker escape and escape is a misnomer, it only just made it out. Dustin sends his putt left of the hole and Europe should square that match right here - Lawrie makes no mistakes, the second match all square... put way your handkerchiefs, things are looking up for Europe...
  64. 2319: 
    Garcia on tee at 15, yanks it left into a bunker. Woods is sandy, too, before Donald comes up short and left. The 15th has been shortened so as to encourage the players to go for the green, but the water out right is preventing any Hollywood heroics.
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Graeme McDowell on 5 live Sport: "Rory and I really didn't make anything this afternoon or this morning, but Rory's ball-striking continues to be phenomenal. We really need something to happen in Rory's game.
    "As a 12 we have struggled on the greens in the last couple of sessions. The greens were noticeably faster between Friday's morning and afternoon sessions. They were cut and rolled even though they were only supposed to be cut on Friday. As a 12 the US are probably better fast green putters than us. When the Ryder Cup comes to Europe we like the slightly slower greens because we adapt better. But it's the same for everyone and they've just putted better."
  66. 2315: 
    Dustin Johnson with his second into 16 and he's in the sand. Lawrie on, Colsaerts over the back...
  67. 2312: 
    Paul Lawrie from bang centre of the 16th fairway, right on line but maybe a club too short. No mistakes from Donald back on 14...
    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "You can feel Tiger now. He sat out this morning and he wants to do something."
  69. 2312: 
    Donald stiffs a bunker escape to within a couple of feet at 14 before Kuchar has them rolling in the aisles with a shot that clunks straight off a tree trunk and ends up behind him. Lovely stuff. Not so lovely is the fact that Tiger Woods has awoken from his slumber and drained his birdie putt on 14 - Donald's got a nasty one to retain the one-hole lead...
  70. 2309: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v McIlroy/Poulter - US one up after 13: Garcia's chip back down the 14th scampers over the cellophane bridge and off the front. Zach Johnson cosies his putt up towards the hole on 13 but McIlroy has a 15-footer to win it, and they're fast running out of time... MADE IT! The passion spews forth from McIlroy and Poulter, they know they can win this...
    Conor McNamara, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Suddenly, from nowhere, Tiger Woods has clicked into gear. America have won three holes in a row and now Europe are just one to the good."
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Tiger Woods has the bit between his teeth. His tee shot at the 14th was like flicking a fingernail against a piece of cut glass. The sound it made against the club was amazing."
  73. 2304: 
    Woods has got a bit punchy after that success on the 13th, overcooking his approach at 14. Kuchar finds some low branches off the tee at 16 but it pops back out. Dustin with the big stick and he's straight down the middle. Some of these good ol' boys have had a fair few sherberts now and we're getting some slightly unsavoury comments, which is unfortunate. Colsaerts clips one down there, as does Lawrie...
    Matt in London on 81111 on text: "(Re 2250): Well said, tweet publisher. Jamie, go to bed!"
    Chris in Durham on 81111 on text: "Europe have been out-performed and outclassed. Davis Love even tried to make it interesting by resting his most in-form players Mickelson and Bradley!"
    Rob on 81111 on text: "The Ryder Cup is what it is today because of the great contests and periods of ascendancy that have already passed. We've all seen a long period of European ascendancy - this is a once in a generation great American team. Perhaps it's not that we are poor. Maybe it's because they are great?"
  75. 2300: 
    Kuchar for eagle on 15, he drove the green. That's a majestic effort from Kuchar, curling toward the hole and coming up a few rolls short. Lawrie with that five-footer and that's smooth as an eel across the green, he and Colsaerts remain one down with three to play...
  76. 2256: 
    Colsaerts duffs his chip at 15, his ball scuttling across the putting surface and very nearly ending up in the drink. That's pretty handy from Lawrie, though, a bunker escape to within five feet of the hole...
  77. 2254: 
    Dufner pokes in for a half on 12 to stay two up on McIlroy on Poulter. That second match between Dustin and Kuchar and Colsaerts and Lawrie is looking bigger than jungle at the moment - and the last time I checked, jungle is massive.
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Francesco Molinari on 5 live Sport: "It is frustrating. No-one likes to lose. We gave it our best but it just wouldn't go our way. We just have to accept defeat and go out tomorrow and make more putts."
    Stewart Mills on Twitter: "re Richard (2243) Give it up - Ollie has to take a portion of blame but we are under performing and USA are on fire."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Justin Rose on 5 live Sport: "Webb Simpson played really, really well. He putted brilliantly this afternoon after he clicked into gear. Credit where credit is due.
    "Right now it's slipping away but it's not over for sure. Right now, looking at the scoreboard is bleak. But if we get some momentum underway it could silence this place. To ignite things we'll need a 3-1 session this afternoon."
  81. 2252: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe one up after 13: Alas, for Europe, Tiger Woods is even smiling now - he makes that birdie putt on 13 before bounding to the 14th tee, almost arm in arm with Stricker.
  82. 2250: 
    It is my duty to publish tweets, although the notion that players "don't play" for certain captains is laughable. Picture the scene: it's a misty morning at Medinah Country Club and Francesco Molinari beckons Ian Poulter towards him next to the boot scraper: "Ian," says Francesco, "we've decided we're not going to play for Ollie - are you in, Compadre?" Poulter holds Molinari's gaze before spitting at his feet. "You do what you have to do, Francesco, I'm doing it for Samuel Ryder - and I'm doing it for Seve..."
    Jamie on 81111: "Sack Olly tonight! Put Colin in charge, he is there! Sorry, but his leadership and selections are shocking. The players are not playing for him!"
  84. 2245: 
    Colsaerts with an eagle putt on 14 - would you believe it, it's horseshoed out again. That must have happened about four times to the Belgian, now. He needs a braver ball, I think it must be afraid of the dark. Kuchar misses with his birdie attempt but Dustin pops in for the half.
  85. 2243: 
    Garcia and Donald are on at the 13th but Woods is in ideal position to claw that match back to just one hole. Colsaerts has just battered his drive 403 yards down the 13th, which is barely believable. Donald down the slope at 13, races 10 feet by. McIlroy on 12, drawing that in for a birdie chance.
    Nick in Maidenhead on 81111 on text: "This is very painful to watch. Will someone please try and make a putt? You won't win anything just cosying the ball up to the hole!"
    Richard from Edinburgh on 81111 on text: "Europe are crying out for someone like Monty in the team..."
    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer, BBC Sport
    On Twitter at Medinah golf club: "Another sentence spelled out in the sky for the European players: "WE STILL BELIEVE". Pilots round here clearly optimistic individuals."
  88. 2238: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe two up after 12: The worst position Europe have ever been in heading into the singles was 10½-5½, in 1981. I'd like to be able to tell you that Europe made a fist of it, but they didn't - they lost 18½-9½. Here's Woods on tee at 13, all over the stick. The Americans, by the way, won the previous hole to go two down...
    Richard in Cornwall on 81111: "This is pathetic. Olazabal's a joke. Spent way too much effort 'honouring' Seve, as opposed to actually trying to get his team to win!"
    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That is an emphatic victory for Watson and Simpson. The tide is very much with the home side, there is no mistaking that."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Peter Hanson on 5 live Sport: "I hope we can turn this round. If we have any chance tomorrow we need a point out of the Lawrie/Colsaerts group. I guess we'll get a good speech out of our captain tonight. He told us last night that Friday was a little disappointing. He said a few of the guys didn't come out and perform in the way they should have done. He was right about that. We're facing a good opponent and we just have to step it up a bit.
    "It is very difficult to have to sit this out, I have to be honest with you. When you are told to sit out the entire day it is very hard to take. You just have to accept what the captain decides as he does the best thing for the team. We all come here having prepared for so long. You grind it out for over a year to be on this team. I feel really good about my game and am playing very well, so that hurts even more. I just want to get out there and play."
  92. 2231: 
    Simpson, Bubba and their caddies and wives fall into a praying huddle, as I believe they're called, and Olazabal might be forgiven for wandering over and asking if they've got any prayers going spare, this is getting desperate.
  93. 2230: 
    Watson/Simpson bt Rose/Molinari 5&4: Bubba with his eagle putt at 14 - cosies it up and pops in for birdie. Molinari doesn't hit his, that's really rather dispiriting, and Rose's attempt horseshoes out. Watson and Simpson have battered Rose and Molinari 5&4 - when these corn-fed American boys win, they win big...
  94. 2225: 
    Here's Webb chipping on at 14, only he doesn't, he sticks it in a bunker. Great approach by Stricker at 12, here's Sergio... tugged it left from slap-bang in the middle of the fairway, it's not all over in that match.
    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Since Europe came into the Ryder Cup in 1979 then the biggest comeback on the final day of singles was Brookline in 1999, when Europe were 10-6 up going into that final set of matches and the Americans in the end won by one point. Look at 1997 and Valderrama, when Europe were on home soil. Europe went into that final day five points up. In the end they only just won by a point."
  96. 2223: 
    Kuchar misses with his birdie putt at 13, Lawrie and Colsaerts could still escape with a half. Watson on in two at the 600-yard, par-five 14th, played his approach with a nine iron. Deary me, Colsaerts' putt for half horseshoes out, not for the first time this week. But that's ballsy from Lawrie, clutch putt to keep them one down with five to play.
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Is this Lawrie and Colsaerts match the defining moment of the Ryder Cup? If they can somehow get something out of this then the deficit overnight might be manageable, but if they get nothing out of this then it's almost got beyond recall."
  98. 2219: 
    Lovely bunker escape from Lawrie on 13 but he's still got a job getting down from there. Colsaerts doing the splits in his bunker and he does a pretty good of getting it out. The really bad sign for the Europeans is that the crowd have started cheering their good shots...
    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I've got to be honest, I don't understand how Lawrie and Colsaerts are behind in this game. Tee to green they are in front, they're hitting it in closer, but Matt Kuchar seems to be holing the putts when he needs to."
  100. 2215: 
    Garcia and Donald are still three up through 11 as Lawrie hits an iffy tee shot on 13. Alas, Colsaerts' wasn't much cop, either.
    Phil in Glasgow on 81111 on text: "The Europeans could still easily end the day only 9-7 down. The level of panic right now is spectacularly unhelpful."
    Sean from Henham on 81111 on text: "Europe clearly lack the passion you need to win a Ryder Cup..."
    Shane in Aberdeen on 81111 on text: "Insipid, inept and nothing short of a disgrace. No fight, no passion."
    Karen Stupples, Solheim Cup player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "In general McIlroy and Poulter are looking a little beaten up. It must be hard for the guys to see so much red and so little blue on the scoreboard."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Corey Pavin, USA captain at Celtic Manor in 2010, on BBC Radio 5 live:"It's fun to go oversees and do it in a hostile environment. But here the crowds have been amazing. Europe's putts are going to drop, keep at it. Davis Love's team has played fabulously and everyone is playing well. It has been tough for Europe, because the US guys have been on their game."
  104. 2210: 
    Lawrie with a putt to win the 12th but you never get the feeling any of these European putts are going to go in - dribbles left of the hole, he and Colsaerts stay one down against Dustin and Kuchar. Poulter does make one but it was only for the half on 10. Lots of skyward looks, dropped putters and heaving of shoulders among the European players, they know it's slipping way, too.
  105. 2208: 
    Watson/Simpson v Rose/Molinari - US four up after 13: Molinari from the sand on 13, handy enough, nothing more. Here's Rose for birdie, from about 25 feet... starts left, stays left, he'll make do with a par. Woods with his second at 11 and that's a peach. Webb Simpson, the US Open champion, remains a shadowy figure to many non-golf buffs, but a quick look at his Twitter account reveals he is a big fan of theological philosophy, in particular CS Lewis. And practicing putting, apparently, he's just stuck another longun in to go four up against Rose and Molinari.
  106. 2202: 
    Rose with the rescue into the par-three 13th, that's a pretty decent effort. Lawrie conjures some magic, all over the flag at 12 and inside Kuchar. Bubba putting across the 13th and that's pretty ordinary from there, but he's got Simpson coming over the hill with that lethal belly putter of his.
    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "More magic from Webb Simpson, who is single-handedly steering America towards a point here."
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Don't stop believing. Every Europe supporter has to adopt that attitude."
  109. 2159: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe three up: Woods looks like he has been embodied by the spirit of a club pro from Buckinghamshire, absolutely nothing happening for him. That said, he's just birdied 10, meaning he and Stricker get a hole back at 10. McIlroy has splattered his drive down the 10th and bombed his second into the bunker guarding the front right, but it's a par five.
    Andrew Coltart, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's getting very, very difficult for Europe. There's an awful lot of red numbers and they're getting further and further ahead of their European counterparts. It's getting increasingly ominous. I think Europe have been told not to look at the scoreboards but most of these guys are fervent scoreboard watchers. They're just not doing the business."
    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Paul Lawrie deserved a birdie there after hitting such a beautiful approach shot. But he just couldn't convert it. Every time the Americans hole a putt the cup just appears that little bit smaller to the Europeans."
    TMC on Twitter: "Re Peter (2146): I think they're OK actually. Steady Lawrie means Colsaerts could have a go. Same with Molinari and Rose."
  113. 2152: 
    Watson/Simpson v Rose/Molinari - US three up after 12: Molinari, it has to be said, is about the only European player who looks like he'd crawl over broken glass to win this thing and he's furious as his birdie effort on 12 refuses to drop, throwing his putter to the ground. Simpson pops in, Rose and Molinari go three down.
  114. 2150: 
    Dufner misses and here's Woods with the old rescue on 10 - scuttler through the bunker and onto the green, chance for an eagle. Zach Johnson to win that ninth hole and he misses a couple of feet left. McIlroy and Poulter remain two down and here's Paul Lawrie missing a shortish one on 11, chance to win the hole gone begging. This Ryder Cup is just not igniting for Europe, every missed putt another spent match and the box is now half empty.
  115. 2146: 
    Up on the ninth and Poulter needs to sink this from long range... breaks too soon. McIlroy hasn got a longun himself... leaves it short and the Americans have got two bites at the cherry...
    Ad Harkin on Twitter: "The USA are cheating, it's clear. I just haven't worked out how they are doing it."
    Peter on 81111: "Does anyone but the most hard-headed Europeans think those first two fourballs teams were going to get anything? Awful pairings from Olly."
  118. 2141: 
    Zach Johnson on three green at nine, about 25 feet from the hole. Poulter follows him on - not happy with that but good enough - and here's Lawrie skimming one out of a fairway trap on 11, right into the heart.
    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I can see McIlroy and Poulter coming back from this. They are hitting balls well enough and giving themselves chances. They have holed a couple of putts, which shows they can do it. All McIlroy's matches have gone to the 17th or 18th, and I think this one will as well."
    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That's great from Donald. Hopefully that's a point on the board for Europe which they so badly need."
  121. 2140: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe four up after nine: Woods misses another small one and it's pretty painful watching him today, especially seeing as his team-mates are lighting fireworks all around him. Tiger and Stricker have been put together because of their chemistry, apparently - at the moment, it's toxic. Donald makes his short one disappear, he and his Spanish mate are four up at the turn.
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Is McIlroy missing these putts a sign of mental fatigue?"
    Thomas Day on Twitter: "Have the Americans put force fields around the holes? Nothing is dropping."
  124. 2133: 
    Molinari makes it three birdies out of seven but it was only for a half. A few boos for the Italian as he gestures for the locals to calm down a bit, but at least he's got a bit of needle about him, there hasn't been enough of that from the Europeans so far.
  125. 2132: 
    D Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - US two up after 10: Poulter to win the eighth, uphill from eight feet or so - can you believe it, he didn't hit it. McIlroy misses as well, that was never on target, while meanwhile Webb Simpson makes it four birdies in a row over on 11. Colsaerts misses his six-footer on 10, Europe behind in the top match now.
  126. 2129: 
    Zach Johnson with a monster birdie attempt on the eighth, Poulter and McIlroy sharing a joke as he lines it up. For once they can, they're both inside their opponents. Very nearly laughing on the other sides of their faces after that putt, it was half an inch from dropping in.
    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport
    "Paul Lawrie is known as 'chippy' because his short game is so good..."
    Oliver Paterson on Twitter: "I'm sorry but this is simply not good enough. Count the birdies on either side. It's not just the putts, it's all round disgraceful."
  129. 2127: 
    Molinari with a willowy approach at 11, birdie chance from there. Colsaerts on 10, splashing out, but he's left that short. Dufner on eight, came up short with his tee shot, playing a little bump and run up the hill - dainty for a burly man. It's all gone a bit cagey out there...
  130. 2125: 
    Poulter on tee at the par-three eighth and that's right at the pin. McIlroy safely on, too, advantage Europe on that hole. Olazabal looking pained as he watches on, although I'm not sure what he can do about it. Kuchar at the par-five 10th, bit too cute.
  131. 2118: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v McIlroy/Poulter - US two up; Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe three up: Dufner makes no mistakes on seven, he and Zach Johnson go two up on McIlroy and Poulter. Donald makes his short one, Woods and Stricker are getting a mauling...
  132. 2117: 
    Watson/Simpson v Rose/Molinari - US three up after 10: Simpson pours in his third birdie in a row on 10, he and Watson three up on Molinari and Rose. Poulter's birdie effort on seven lips out, here's Woods splashing out on eight... Stricker's long-range birdie attempt horseshoes out, Donald with a short one for the hole...
  133. 2113: 
    Many thanks, Scriv, Ben Dirs is indeed back in the chair. Here's Poulter with his second on seven, he's going for it with a fairway wood... bunker front-right. Lawrie misses by the width of a fag paper with a long-ranger on nine, Woods leaks another tee shot to the right, this time on the par-three eighth. Garcia tugs his tee shot left into some sand... Luke Donald very nearly sticks his in...
  134. 2107: 
    Ironic cheers from the crowd as Garcia steps onto the green - took a couple of minutes to sort out his free drop to the annoyance of a few home fans. Tigerfirst to take on his birdie putt and that meanders past the hole. Donald up next from a dozen feet and his goes the other side of the hole. Garcia's also stays up and that means Stricker, from a similar length, has a putt to win the hole but despite checking every angle and slope possible, he too misses. Hole halved and Europe stay 2 up after all that. Here's Ben Dirs back from his tea.
  135. 2101: 
    Woods not on his game. A bit of a chunk with his wedge from the greenside rough on seven and that pulls up a good 20 feet short. Sergio is tight up against the grandstand and searching for a place he can drop his ball. It will be a free drop. The referee is trying to usher the crowd back and Sergio steps in to take a few practice swings. One unfortunate young American is going to wear the Spaniard's wedge if he doesn't adhere to the official and move back more than the six inches he currently has. Tough pitch for Garcia but he flips it high and stops it 10 feet from the cup.
  136. 2054: 
    Webb Simpson and Francesco Molinari both in tight to the flag on the ninth but no concessions being offered. The Italian drops his putt in for three. Over to you Webb...no bother and it's as you were, US staying two up. The perma-grinned Matt Kuchar has a look for a win on eight from 20 feet but his ball sidles a centimetre or two by - hole halved in pars to keep it all square.
  137. 2050: 
    McIlroy and Poulter both safely out of the sand on six but Dufner has a putt for the hole. That never looks likely to go near though, taking the break and wandering off right but he taps in the return to make sure the Europeans have to putt out. Poulter up first and he slides that in from four feet to stay one down.
    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport
    "Europe have won back-to-back holes and all of a sudden Lawrie and Colsaerts, who were down down, are now all square. It's a good fightback by the European team. Nicolas Colsaerts is doing the business again..."
    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live
    "All 40,000 or 50,000 spectators are concentrated on just four matches. I have never been on a golf course with such big crowds. They've come out in force here and we knew they would be the 13th man for the American team."
  140. 2046: 
    Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - level after seven holes: What's this? Fightback time for Europe. Colsaerts is back to Belgium's finest export with a wedge like that out of the sand to a matter of inches for a conceded birdie. Both the Americans leave chip shots 25-30 feet short of the hole and neither can find the bottom of the hole. Back-to-back wins for Europe and a rare up flag.
  141. 2042: 
    Rose's putt conceded on eight but it's only a half for Europe as Simpsondrains yet another putt for the States. Tremendous putting display. Poulterand McIlroy both drive further than Dufner and Johnson on six but both find the greenside bunker protecting the pin, while the Americans are on the dancefloor.
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Phil Mickelson on 5 live Sport: "We play well in the Ryder Cup when we have fun, when we let our emotions out, and when we enjoy our partnerships. Keegan and the crowd here in Chicago have got me emotionally connected and involved. I am having fun, playing well and experiencing an energy lift which is bringing my best golf out."
    Simon from Molesey on 81111 on text: "Too many doom mongers out there. Golf is such a fickle game that in a matter of a few holes the pendulum could swing back in Europe's favour. Worry ye not pessimists! There's life in the old European dog yet..."
    Alex in Huddersfield on 81111 on text: "An anagram of Dufner is 'refund' and, as it stands, Europe haven't got much change out of him. Things need to change tonight!"
    Matt in London on 81111 on text: "It's amazing how quickly Brits turn on their team and give up. Bring on Gleneagles? Will Olazabal get blamed? 12 points played, 16 up for grabs. Go Europe!"
  144. 2037: 
    Quickly to the eighth where Simpson hits his tee shot to the par-three pin high, 12 feet left. Back to six and Woods for a half from about the same distance and that finds the centre of the cup - it's the first hole Woods has contributed a score to. Yo-yo back to eight where Rose hits a dream of a tee shot to a couple of feet.
  145. 2035: 
    Woods and Stricker making a meal of the sixth. Both playing their third shots from the rough short of the green and neither really threatening the hole. Garcia and Donald both have looks to win the hole. Garcia across the green and putting through a ravine and over a hump and that's racing six feet by. Here'sDonald with a putter from the first cut and that trundles down to the holeside but not in.
  146. 2032: 
    Watson/Simpson v Rose/Molinari - US 2 up after seven: Bubba knocks in his putt to win the hole and put the United States two up. Poulter's eagle putt on five, from about 20 yards, pulls up a couple of feet short, nailed on birdie there though although it will only be a half after Dufner races in a lengthy putt.
  147. 2029: 
    Up on seven and Bubba's firing out of the bunker and he's landed that no more than three feet from the hole. Sergio and Donald are playing the sixth and the Spaniard is a good 50 feet from the cup, Luke a dozen feet past. Tiger from the trees and his ball chases up to the greenside rough.
    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "This is not quite over but this feels different to Valhalla and Celtic Manor. All the shots are happening for America. The breaks are going their way and they're making putts, which is what I've seen from Europe over the last few years.
    "I want to see a very close competition. I am surprised we haven't seen any nice putts holed from the Europeans. It's a bit disappointing."
  149. 2024: 
    Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - USA 1 up after six: On the sixth green Colsaerts is laughing after leaving his first putt from about a dozen feet four feet shy. Thankfully his playing partner Paul Lawrie is only a couple of feet the other side of the hole and the Scot knocks his in to win the hole for Europe. The scoreboard looking a little closer.
  150. 2020: 
    Back up 242 yards and you'll find Zach Johnson nicely placed in the centre of the fifth fairway. He laces a metal fairway wood into the centre of the green.Poulter from 235 and his ball wanders past Johnson's but stays on the green.Rory goes just through the back while Dufner...Dufner is 40 yards through the back. On the sixth tee, Woods continues to be wayward, his tee shot troubling the trees down the right.
    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Steve Stricker is a most fantastic putter. I thought he'd do it, and this looks like the start of the comeback..."
  152. 2015: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe 2 up after five: I was feeling rather optimistic after Poulter's putt but Steve Stricker's just dampened my enthusiasm with a terrific eagle on the fifth, the American following two great shots with a 10-footer for eagle to reduce the European lead to two holes.
    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "We were standing right beside Katie Poulter as that 18 yard putt went in. There was a huge squeal of celebration for her husband. Poulter and McIlroy are now just one down after four."
  154. 2010: 
    I'm going to have a break, here's Peter Scrivener while I'm gone...
  155. 2008: 
    McIlroy/Poulter v Dufner/Z Johnson - US one up: Dufner's birdie putt is close on four but not close enough and Poulter has a 15-footer to win the hole... MAKES ONE! Boy, the continental mass of Europe needed that one. Molinari with a rather more prosaic effort on five, he and Rose stay one down.
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Bernhard Langer, the last European captain to win in America (at Oakland Hills in 2004), on 5 live Sport: "Europe have got a very tough battle on our hands. The USA have home advantage and some very good putters on their team. But there are still 12 points available tomorrow, and anything can happen.
    "Most of the Americans are in form and some of our guys are not. We have some good ball-strikers but sometimes the putting isn't always their strengths. These greens are lightning fast and sloping, but you've got to make the putts to win the Cup. If Europe are only two or one behind overnight then that would be awesome. Four or five behind and it will be very tough tomorrow."
    European captain Jose Maria Olazabal, after meeting former US presidents George and George W Bush, said: "We need to win this session - nothing more, nothing less. This session is crucial to us. We need to do well. Our boys are not making the putts. Some of them have not performed to their expectations."
  158. 2006: 
    Here's Bubba on six, big old swinger, cosies up to the hole. Colsaerts makes his clutch putt, he and Lawrie remain two down through five. Garcia at the fifth and he's safely on in three...
    Bazzer in Wiltshire on 81111 on text: "Will Olazabel get the blame like Faldo did when his players didn't do the job? This is painful."
    Steve in Northern Ireland on 81111 on text: "If the aim of the game was to hit the edge of the hole, Europe would be running away with it. Much like Liverpool FC and crossbars..."
    Andy from Paisley on 81111 on text: "Sometimes you just have to admit it. USA are just on fire. Bring on Gleneagles 2014."
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Garcia and Donald are the pub in the desert at the moment... Is there anything Olazabal could be doing now when, if we're brutally honest, the Ryder Cup is slipping out of Europe's grasp?"
    Nick Turner on Twitter: "Europe couldn't sink a dinghy with a nail gun at the moment."
  162. 2001: 
    Poulter with 168 yards on the fourth and that's as solid as they come, right into the heart. Dufner on the same hole and his is even better... McIlroy now, giving it a fair old rip with a wedge, and that's dreamy. Kuchar for birdie on five, he's not missing anything...
  163. 1959: 
    Molinari into the green on six, Europe at least making a few things happen. Here's US Open champion Webb Simpson, who has a pretty uncomplicated approach to hitting a golf ball - little bit choppy, not the smoothest of swings, but it's on the front.
  164. 1956: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe three up after four: Stricker for his birdie on four, slightly left-to-right... lips out, Europe have two goes to win that hole. Woods is going to try to pitch in for his three - blind, down the slope, not a bad try from there. For whatever reason the TV commentators are a bit upset about that - seems a bit rich, had it been Seve they would have been lauding him to the high heavens for attempting the impossible. Anyway, it's all moot, Garcia has won the hole...
  165. 1951: 
    Molinari makes birdie at five, only Europe's second so far today. Simpson for a half from 12 feet... straight down the pipe, the Americans just can't miss. That said, Dufner can only make par at the third. McIlroy can't make his putt, though, and it's a half...
  166. 1948: 
    Rory with his second into three - good shot, that, cosieing up next to Stricker. Garcia pulled his tee shot at four but his second is a crackerjack, bending it under some branches and onto the front of the green. Great shot from Donald, two goes at a three, pressure on Stricker... not much, apparently, that's pretty good from the silent man from Wisconsin.
    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live
    "A lot of the putting has to do with the way the golf course has been set up today. It's not as fast as yesterday afternoon.
    "Yesterday the Americans had a cracking performance in the fourballs. What had happened was that at lunchtime the staff had gone out, cut the greens and ironed the greens. They've got a wonderful machine than glides across the green, and America sprang a surprise on the European team. Europe were under the impression that there would be no ironing of the greens, but the green speed went up and it foxed us.
    "But that's the home captain's prerogative, to do what he wants with the golf course to get the best put of it."
  168. 1944: 
    That's all Ollie needs, his boys are getting a clattering and along comes George W Bush and his old man to rub it all in. Good lord, Tiger Woods is playing like you - hits a tree off the tee before hooking his second into the patrons. Zach Johnson over the back at the fifth and here's Watson with his third at the par-five fifth... peach...
  169. 1940: 
    D Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - US two up after four: It has to be said that the standard of Europe's putting has been a little bit shocking, every time you look up at the screen another attempt is gliding by, and we're not talking about 40-footers here. Here's Kuchar with a 25-footer... he's only gone and stuck it in, and Colsaerts misses his eight-footer...
    Paul Kelly on Twitter: "This is so painful to watch, more so because there is little out there that would even suggest a turnaround."
  171. 1936: 
    McIlroy/Poulter v Dufner/Z Johnson - US two up after two: Dufner for the win on the second... doesn't come back but Poulter has still got a nasty one for the half. Donald misses with his birdie effort on three and that's just not good enough - Stricker and Woods hold the door wide open and Donald and Garcia decline the invitation to go three ahead. Poulter missed that nasty one, he and McIlroy two down...
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The worst possible thing that could happen to Europe would be to lose this afternoon session. Then if that happens their goose will be, if not cooked, simmering lightly..."
  173. 1932: 
    Woods with a lob wedge over the back of the third... that's remarkable, doesn't even make the short stuff. His caddie looks slightly embarrassed, and even more so after Garcia plays the shot Woods should have played, to within a couple of feet. Colsaerts with a fine approach into four...
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "This is not an encouraging start from Europe... When the history of this Ryder Cup is written it will say America sank their putts and Europe didn't."
    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Potentially the scoreboard is forcing some European players to be more aggressive than they need to be, certainly at this early stage. In this week we've lost holes to silly shots and balls going in the water."
  176. 1929: 
    Poulter on the second - twonky old swing, his right hand comes off the club, and his ball only just clambers ashore. McIlroy's gone swimming, however... the Ryder Cup is without a doubt the most myth-laden event in sport but much of it is hocum - the team that contains players playing better than the other team wins it every time, however much you talk about skippers, the corrosive effects of DJ Spoony and momentum.
  177. 1923: 
    McIlroy/Poulter v Dufner/Z Johnson - US one up after one: Colsaerts for a half at the third - ballsy from the Belgian, has a look in the side door before popping in the tradesman's. Zach Johnson makes birdie over on the first, he and Dufner steal a march on McIlroy and Poulter - it's a case of under a blood red scoreboard at the moment...
    Carl from Pontypridd on 81111 on text: "The US putting has been top drawer, but in any sport it's easier to perform when the opposition apply little pressure."
    Neil in Sheffield on 81111 on text: "Even if the Cup may be gone I hope Europe can at least salvage some pride. If not, this could be such a hammering as to leave psychological scares for Ryder Cups in the future..."
    Pete in Guildford on 81111 on text: "Donald always wears a visor. He's not wearing a visor. He should wear a visor. That's the team's problem."
  179. 1919: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe two up: Garcia to win the second with birdie... not sure how much shouting at your players is going to achieve, if you can't make them disappear, you can't make them disappear, misses just left... Woods has squeezed his par putt left, that's a gimme for Europe...
  180. 1918: 
    If Ollie, as we have been told, delivered the mother of all rollockings last night, it didn't exactly have the desired effect this morning, a few of them looked like they'd been told their houses had burned down. Dufner, 'The Waggler', all over the pin at the first but here's McIlroy with the old lobber... not good enough, gobbled up by the bunker...
    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live
    "First blood in the first match to the United States, with the momentum continuing to roll inexorably in favour of the home side."
    BBC Radio 5 live
    Europe's Graeme McDowell on 5 live Sport: "We got a good telling off last night [from Olazabal]. It didn't work very well this morning. I think Jose's going to have to crank it up a little bit and start cracking the whip. We definitely got the hairdryer treatment last night."
    Rory McIlroy: "It was a roasting last night. It was Sir Alex Ferguson stuff."
  183. 1911: 
    Watson/Simpson v Rose/MolinariKuchar - US one up: Matt Kuchar wears an almost permanent look of wonder as he lollops around the golf course, you sense he'd believe you if you told him most of the golf course was edible. The final group are all away on the first, McIlroy has absolutely munched his drive. Watson and Simpson have nicked the third and gone one up against Rose and Molinari.
  184. 1904: 
    Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald - Europe one up after one; D Johnson/Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie - US one up after two: Stricker misses and that's Europe's hole, Garcia's putt conceded. Not such good news on the second as Colsaerts misses with his birdie attempt.
  185. 1904: 
    Woods with a shot to nothing, Stricker looking good enough, and that's pretty handy from where he was. Kuchar drains a monster! Applies the pressure on Colsaerts after the Belgian's fine tee shot.
    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The Europe boys readily admit it - they have underperformed so far. I know what they are capable of, they know what they are capable of. If they'd turned up the score would be a lot different. But there are still plenty of points to play for."
  187. 1902: 
    Woods has had a shocker, fizzing a wedge through the back, while Stricker is a little too keen with his approach. Over on the third, Simpson gets one to grip and he'll have a birdieable putt coming back downhill.
    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Tiger Woods will be expected to be very, very fresh. Maybe he will feel he has a bit of a point to prove having been left out for the first time."
  189. 1900: 
    Not meaning to be too previous, but this American team is probably the most vigorous I've ever seen - and, remember, I've seen Boo Weekley riding a horse called Big Bertha. Some of the European golf, in comparison, looks a little bit staid. Nothing staid about that from Colsaerts on two, all over the pin, before Garcia stiffs his approach to within a few feet on two. Europe bubbling all of a sudden...
  190. 1854: 
    Watson to win the second... doesn't come back, Europe dodge a bullet, Rose sweeps in for a half. Lawrie to win the first hole... six-footer, starts left, stays left...
  191. 1853: 
    First up it's Garcia for Europe, the Spanish veteran going with three wood. That'll do you, right down the middle. Local boy Luke Donald, from High Wycombe via Evanston, Illinois, leaks his just right before Stricker thumps one down there. Tiger looking a little nervy but no need to be, he's given that a pinging.
  192. 1849: 
    The third match making its way to the first tee, it's Woods and Stricker versus Garcia and Donald. Little tip of the hat from Woods - he'll either be very angry after being dropped for the first time in his Ryder Cup career or just a little bit rusty.
  193. 1845: 
    If any of you kids out there still think golf is an uncool game for old duffers I suggest you have a look at the pics fom the pre-event gala - that old Peter Crouch quote about what he'd be if he wasn't a footballer springs to mind. I'll let you do the Googling...
  194. 1838: 
    Up ahead, Rose makes par to trump Watson, leaving Simpson with a four-footer for a half - rat-a-tats it in, he's almost picked the ball out of the hole before it's even dropped.
  195. 1837: 
    After the euphoria of yesterday, Colsaerts looks a haunted man in his post-foursomes interview today. Chin up, Nicolas, your continent needs you. Here he is on the first tee, going with three wood... pretty decent, bit left, but this course is bikini-waxed all over. Playing partner Paul Lawrie is safely down there, before Matt Kuchar tugs his into the gallery. Here's Dustin - left again but no real penalty...
    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Now we've seen the afternoon pairings, we can say all 12 Americans have played on both days. But only McIlroy and Rose will play in all five matches.
    "We were mildly critical of Davis Love in the build-up because in the practise days the Americans played in the same groups of four with the same partners. But that has worked. In the first two days all the partnerships have stuck together."
  197. 1831: 
    Righto, I guess it's a case of cross everything and hope for the best if you're a European fan - skipper Jose Maria Olazabal has got a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma on his hands and he's going to have to be Churchillian in his leadership to unravel it. Then again you can be the greatest leader in the world, but if you're troops don't perform on the day, you're going to get a whupping.
  198. 1827: 
    No pause for breath as the fourballs are under way. Webb Simpson finds the heart of the fairway and, once again, Bubba Watson whips up the crowd but this time he repays their vociferous support by targeting a cluster of supporters with a wayward drive which drifts left.
    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I'm mildly surprised that Watson and Simpson have gone out again this afternoon. To me Watson looked very much the stronger man and Simpson may have been ready for a rest."
    Kev in Southampton on 81111 on text: "If we lose, I hope Ollie doesn't get slated for it. Too many of our big guns haven't turned up. USA have been good, but haven't been under any pressure."
    Mark from London on 81111 on text: "Can't blame Ollie for the pairings - top Europeans just haven't turned up."
    Steve in Melksham on 81111 on text: "Cheering misses is so wrong on so many levels..."
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I'm surprised to see Europe not asking America to putt that at the death. It was missable. Europe have been beaten."
  202. 1817: 
    Furyk/Snedeker bt McIlroy/McDowell one up: ... Snedeker leaves his birdie effort a little high but that's enough for the match, the Northern Irish pair concede it.
  203. 1816: 
    Good effort by Rory but he simply had too much on his plate, his ball rattling and rolling five feet by...
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That was not the best from G-Mac there, going hard with the chip shot. It went left and long and was very, very disappointing."
  205. 1815: 
    ... that's not good enough, tugged left over the back of the green and McIlroy is going to have to chip in to salvage a half. Furyk, one of the elder statesmen of the US team, with seven previous Ryder Cups to his name, has a swing that was designed by a very drunk committee, but he's about as calm as they come and has made things pretty cosie for playing partner Snedeker.
  206. 1811: 
    Furyk and caddie 'Fluff' Cowan deliberate and cogitate and mediate but eventually Jim's gonna have to give the thing a slap... here goes, and that's a tremendous effort, onto the front of the green. McDowell is going to have to stiff this close to give his partner a chance of a three...
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I think the European team have done really well. They had one match to forget, one down to the 18th, one down to the 17th and one match won. In the morning it was all America. The games almost all went right to the end and that could be a moral victory."
    Dave Marr III, US golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The Americans don't have to be heroic here on this final hole. If they can make four that puts the pressure on Europe, who have to make three."
  209. 1806: 
    McIlroy pulls out the big stick on the 18th tee and absolutely splatters one down there - the deathly silence tells you all you need to know, it was pretty much bang on. Snedeker finds a trap but Furyk should be fine playing out of there - and remember, Europe need to win this hole to halve the match.
  210. 1803: 
    Great effort by Snedeker, bending one down the hill, but his ball misses by a couple of inches. McIlroy for the hole... starts left and stays left, Europe can't win this match now but a half would be very handy indeed...
  211. 1757: 
    ... Furyk safely on, but nothing more than that - it's advantage Europe on the 17th green, world number one McIlroy going up against Snedeker, the $11m Man...
  212. 1756: 
    McIlroy/McDowell v Furyk/Snedeker - US one up after 16: Better knews back on the 16th as McIlroy makes one disappear to peg Furyk and Snedeker to one up with two to play. McIlroy smoking in the championship rounds, let's see if old man Furyk and rookie Snedeker have got the legs to withstand it. McDowell finds a plum on the 17th tee, pressure on Furyk...
  213. 1754: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson bt Colsaerts/Garcia 2&1: Zach Johnson and Jason Dufner should have this match on toast but this is a brute for the former, putting down the cliff face on 17... that's a beauty, just cosies it up and Europe have no other option than to hoist the white flag and concede.
    Ian Poulter: "A win is a win. It was a special moment [on the first tee]. It was pretty special of Bubba to pump them up yesterday. It is an amazing amphitheatre and I knew Bubba was going to do it today, so why not join him?"
    Justin Rose: "We won ugly. That was a good point. We didn't have our best out there but we won."
  215. 1750: 
    McDowell can just see the top of the pin with his second at 16 and he's stiffed it to within 12 feet. Meanwhile, Furyk is about 50 feet away. Garcia takes a fair amount of real estate with that chip from the drop-zone but it scuttles over and perhaps gives Colsaerts a chance of redemption.
  216. 1747: 
    McIlroy on tee at 16 and that's a doozy, straight down the middle... Here's Nicolas Colsaerts on the par-three 17th... looks like he's going to cry after that one - short right and very, very wet... Dufner safely over the back...
    Dave Marr III, US golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Players playing the fourballs have just 40 minutes to have some lunch before they're sent back out in their order."
    Angus McPhail on Twitter: "Loving the look of the European pairings for the fourballs. Should get at least a couple of points from that! Three of biggest let downs so far: Westwood, McDowell and Kaymer (even in only one match). All are not playing this afternoon."
  219. 1743: 
    Colsaerts/Garcia v Dufner/Z Johnson - US one up after 16: Sergio, you little beauty - the Spaniard makes the most of that approach by playing partner Colsaerts, chipping in from the fringe for birdie, that's foursomes golf at its most symbiotic. Europe one down with two to play and there are only two men fist-pumping their way towards the 17th tee...
  220. 1743: 
    McDowell can't buy a putt and that's another rather tame effort on 15. Snedeker pops in, half in four, Europe running out of holes in that one. As they are in the penultimate match, although that's a magnificent approach by Colsaerts at 16, right over the flag.
  221. 1740: 
    The afternoon fourballs are in and they read like this: D Johnson/Matt Kuchar v Colsaerts/Lawrie; Watson/Simpson v Rose/Molinari; Woods/Stricker v Garcia/Donald; McIlroy/Poulter v Dufner/Z Johnson. I've got a good feeling about those pairings...
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That was a terrific putt from Justin Rose but you could see how deflated he was when it didn't go in. But it's still a win for Europe in the top match of the morning. That was a point Europe simply had to secure, with the two matches out on the course going in America's way."
  223. 1736: 
    Rose/Poulter bt Watson/Simpson one up: Simpson leaves his putt a couple of inches left and the relief in the European camp is palpable, they very nearly naused that up. Europe alive but they could really do with a half in one of these final two matches.
  224. 1733: 
    Olazabal and vice-captain Jimenez in consultation next to the 18th green as Rose weighs up his monster putt. Not a lot they can do about it, however, although that is a very good effort from way down there - Simpson has a 10-footer downhill to halve the match and put a massive crater in the European cause...
  225. 1731: 
    Poulter gives it the twirl but it's no more than OK - front of the green, Simpson has about a 40 foot advantage over Rose. Dufner has left the door ajar on 15 but Colsaerts is unable to walk through it, leaving his birdie effort just to the right - Europe still two down in that one.
  226. 1727: 
    Bubba all over the stick with his second into 18, after which a wag in the gallery shouts "don't be scared, Poulter..." You would be, after that shot from Watson you would be...
  227. 1727: 
    Snedeker leaves Furyk a devilish putt for a half on 14 as Garcia parachutes in to the 15th. Zach Johnson almost matches him, that hole down to a putt-off. Here's that Furyk putt... makes it, the Americans remain two up in that bottom match.
  228. 1724: 
    Webb Simpson on tee at 18 - ding-dongs it down there, pressure on Rose... three wood for the Englishman and he's tugged his slightly left, but only slightly... back to 14 and here's Mclroy pitching on - crackerjack stuff from the world number one, that should be a concession and birdie number one for that pair...
    Dave Marr III, US golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The Americans are making the critical putts. The Europeans just are not."
  230. 1721: 
    Colsaerts leaves his birdie effort left which means Johnson can salvage that hole. Over on 17, Rose has a putt for the match but his flat stick has gone ice cold and he's run that about four feet by. But Poulter rams the par putt home, meaning a miss by Bubba would be fatal... dormie going down the last...
  231. 1718: 
    Garcia needs some of that old black magic on 14 and that's a peach of an approach - alas, it was their third shot. Zach Johnson popping... WHOA! There's one to warm the cockles of the Sunday hacker, a bona fide chunk into the sand. Dufner splashes out but Colsaerts has a chance to win the hole...
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I'd play Lawrie, Hanson and Molinari, so I'd have to rest three others. Luke Donald hasn't been playing very well, but can you leave Luke out? You could leave Garcia out, or give McDowell a break. He's not playing world number one golf alongside McIlroy."
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The afternoon pairings have to be in in the next 10 minutes or so and we should hear of them within half an hour..."
  234. 1713: 
    Lose that top match are you have to say Europe are up a certain creak without so much as a canoe, you don't come back from this sort of tonking in a Ryder Cup. Bubba's on... but so is Poulter, right at the flag: as Colsaerts put it so eloquently yesterday, you just have to go with what's in your trousers, and when it comes to Ryder Cups, Poulter's trousers are as loaded as anyone's.
    Alex in Liverpool on 81111 on text: "Ollie's got to get this afternoon's pairings right. No giving players a rest or giving old mates a run out. It's got to be the best eight possible or it's practically game over."
    Chris from Cambridge on 81111 on text: "I've suffered Aussie cricket fans at the MCG, Man Utd fans at Old Trafford and French rugby fans in Paris but, seriously, is there anything more annoying than celebrating American golf fans?"
  236. 1710: 
    Rose/Poulter v Watson/Simpson - Europe one up after 16: Bubba's 12-footer slides by to the left meaning Rose has got an eight-footer for a half... that's a sickener, stays right, Europe pegged back to one up...
  237. 1706: 
    As much as the Americans have played like demons there has just been too much ordinary golf by the visitors, there's simply no getting away from that. Here's Poulter looking to chip in on 16 - makeable... almost too cute, the English pair are making the doggiest of dinners of this hole...
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "I think one of these two European pairs need to make a comeback in these final few holes. 8-4 is a notoriously treacherous score to recover from."
  239. 1704: 
    McIlroy and McDowell haven't made a single birdie today and they're not making one this time, either, McIlroy's attempt on 13 stays up. Furyk made to putt out but the US remain two up through 13. Rose with his recovery attempt at 16 and that's very ordinary, he hasn't even made the short stuff. Simpson half-plugged, and he's been a bit iffy with the old spade today... decent, certainly better than Rose's effort.
  240. 1700: 
    Miguel de Cervantes, George Best, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ingmar Bergman, Ludwig van Beethoven, Maggie Thatcher - your boys are taking one hell of a beating. Come on boys, let's turn this thing round. Poulter sprays his approach short and right on 16, here's Bubba and he's stuck his in the sand, opportunity missed.
  241. 1654: 
    Colsaerts/Garcia v Dufner/Z Johnson - US two up after 13: Half in four on the 12th, Furyk and Snedeker remain two up, the Northern Irish pair desperately need to pull something out of the fire in that one. Colsaerts with a three-footer for the half on 13... muffed it, he and Garcia go two down, that was like a little dig to the solar plexus when you weren't expecting it.
  242. 1651: 
    Here's Bubba on 15 and he's raced that by four or five feet - trouble coming back for Simpson. Snedeker's putt for the hole on 12 skips over the cellophane bridge, Poulter and Rose remain two up with three to play in the top match.
  243. 1649: 
    McDowell into the 12th and that's OK. Poulter putting for birdie on 15, 20-footer... right line, didn't hit it. McIlroy's putt looks in all he way over at 12 but takes a last-second diversion.
  244. 1646: 
    Webb Simpson with his second to 15 and even their duff shots are half decent - judging by the look on his face, you would have thought he'd heeled it between his feet. Rose safely on...
  245. 1646: 
    Many thanks to Aimee Lewis, now it is Ben Dirs making the words appear on your screens. As you join me, I am hearing reports that Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley have both filed for divorce following their 7&6 victory over Donald and Westwood and are planning to be married to each other immediately after Sunday's singles. Webb Simpson is carving the wedding altar.
  246. 1642: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v Colsaerts/Garcia - USA 1 up after 12 holes: The Americans have the luxury of two shots to go one up but they only need one as a nerveless Dufner sinks a 7ft birdie. A costly double bogey from Garcia and Colsaerts although, admittedly, all double bogeys are costly.
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's been a horror show for the Europeans of Garcia and Colsaerts on the 12th from start to finish. Bin it, forget about it and move on to 13."
  248. 1638: 
    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 2 up after 11 holes: A birdie from Furyk gives the home fans reason to cheer, while on the 14th Rose gets out of the bunker with some elan and he and Poulter could go three up. Garcia's chip, by the way, visited the green but decided to keep rolling towards the water until it was blocked by lengthy tufts of grass.
  249. 1633: 
    Cloudless blue skies over Medinah Country Club. A club founded in 1924 by the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a quasi-masonic fraternity. (That last sentence makes no sense to me but it is true.) "Thanks for nothing, Nicolas," mutters Garcia, or something like that, as he finds himself about 4ft from the advertising boards although, in Colsaerts defence, the Spaniard did direct his drive into the trees.
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The whole narrative for this afternoon and Sunday depends on what happens in these foursomes..."
  251. 1626: 
    Phil Mickelson after beating Donald and Westwood: "This is the most exhilarating experience of all my Ryder Cups. I've played now in a number of events and to see his [Bradley's] youthful excitement gets me excited. He's just got me fired up and it's been really fun for both of us."
  252. 1624: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v Colsaerts/Garcia - all-square after 11 holes: The Belgian's putting proving to be as delicious as his country's chocolate. Colsaerts completes a birdie to square the match. Tasty.
    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
    "I always thought the tastiest things out of Belgium were the waffles and Audrey Hepburn. Having seen his putting stroke, it's Nicolas Colsaerts."
    Dave Marr III, US golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live
    "That will be the first team out in the afternoon for the Americans, I guarantee it: Mickelson and Bradley."
    Anon on 81111 on text: "Not so long ago Westwood, Donald and Kaymer were battling for world number one. I can't remember any of them playing a class shot so far, never mind contributing to a win."
    John on 81111 on text: "Re Iain Moss on Twitter at 1555: I reckon Keegan Bradley is going to be disliked more than Tiger ever was. Ooh I'd love it, just love it, if we beat them."
    Grant on 81111 on text: "Too much of an old pals act by Ollie. I'd like to see a big change up in the afternoon. Who can make birdies? Certainly not Westwood or Garcia on current form..."
  256. 1621: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA win 7&6: Magical from Mickelson as his approach shot on the 12th bounces 20ft from the flag before slowly creeping down the slope and towards the pin, coming to a stop a foot short. Wondrous play from Lefty. Donald must sink a putt to ensure the match continues, but he misses and it's a bogey and inevitable defeat for Europe.
  257. 1612: 
    Unlucky for some. Watson's drive on the par-three 13th plops into the drink and the American, shaking his head, mutters something to himself as he heads down the fairway. A chance for Poulter and Rose to increase their stride and gallop towards the finishing line? On the 10th, Garcia's putt drops in for a half and the Spaniard and Colsaerts remain one hole down to Dufner and Johnson.
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "A fantastic putt there from Ian Poulter. As a European fan you would have been cursing him after his tee shot, but he's an extraordinary fighter."
  259. 1609: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - Europe 2 up after 12 holes: Watson's chip to the green lacks oomph and his effort rolls back down from the direction it came. Poulter, nerveless, eyes glistening with determination, makes amends for his terrible second shot with a delicious putt for par.
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Justin Rose is delighted not to be in the water at the 12th after that poor tee shot from Ian Poulter. Rose's recovery shot was pretty well played as he had to climb his shot up a steep bank."
  261. 1603: 
    Europe have a sniff of going two up on the 12th as the Americans are floundering; Simpson hooking a drive into the gallery and Watson narrowly avoiding the drink. But, oh my giddy aunt, Poulter's approach shot bounces close to the water, avoiding the hazard by a pimple.
  262. 1557: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 6 up after 11 holes:Westwood and Donald have the look of two men who have been told they must spend their Saturday night watching the X-Factor followed by a double episode of My Family. Perhaps anything would be better than toiling on Medinah. Bradley fails with a birdie attempt on the 11th and the English pair dodge a bullet.
    Iain Moss on Twitter: "I reckon Keegan Bradley is going to be better than Tiger Woods ever was - anyone agree?"
  264. 1554: 
    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 1 up after eight holes: Hello there, the pendulum is toying with the idea of swinging ever so slightly back in the direction of the blues. Northern Irishmen McIlroy and McDowell halve their rivals' lead after a clumsy second shot from Furyk on the par-three eighth gave his team-mate an impossible chip to halve the hole.
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's still not easy to put a definitive spin on these foursomes. America certainly won't drop back but there's still a distinct possibility of Europe winning 3-1."
  266. 1547: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - Europe 1 up after 11 holes: Rose, 145 yards from the flag on the par-four 11th, gives his compatriot a gettable 6 ft birdie chance. A fine effort from Simpson with the iron and it's another birdie for Watson in front of the onlooking captain Love. All eyes turn to Poulter and the Englishman sinks it for a birdie and celebrates a stentorian "come on".
  267. 1545: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 6 up after 10 holes: Not content with ending Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia's four-match unbeaten record in Ryder Cup foursomes, Bradley and Mickelson seem to want to inflict a humiliating defeat on star pair Westwood and Donald. Donald is faced with a nerve-testing putt for a half but fails.
  268. 1539: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - Europe 1 up after 10 holes: Rose and Poulter deliberate on the green before the exuberant world number 26 curls a birdie attempt two foot short. The Americans under pressure and Simpson, seven foot from the cup, falters with a poor putt. Is this it? Possibly. Possibly
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Keegan Bradley is going mad! What a reaction. These guys are going to be bruised when they finish - they are whacking each other in celebration."
  270. 1529: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 5 up after nine holes: Oh boy. That man Bradley has infinite reserves of energy as it's another wild celebration, fist pumps and a cowboy-style whoop, as the former PGA championship winner sinks a left-to-right 8ft birdie for a commanding lead.
  271. 1524: 
    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 2 up after six holes: McIlroy on the par-four sixth and attempting what would be a wondrous birdie. The best golfer on the planet gives the ball a firm whack with his trusted putter, it's heading straight towards the hole... but stops inches short. Wince is all McIlroy can do. Furyk finds a 10 footer to maintain the Americans' two-shot advantage.
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "For the first time in a long time, about an hour-and-a-half, the scoreboard isn't exclusively red..."
  273. 1521: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - All-square after nine holes: Watson, deft hands, negotiates his way out of the bunker to within 4ft of the cup... Poulter, a 7ft putt to win the hole... it's as if it's in slow motion... but the ball eventually drops in for what could be a momentum changing birdie as we head towards the back nine.
    Kevlaa on Twitter: "Unfortunately it seems that the Eurozone Crisis has spread to Medinah."
    Craig Jones on Twitter: "If Europe carry on like this, it's gonna be over before the singles begin! Something needs to change and quick!"
  275. 1514: 
    European cheeks will be as pink as their Ribena-coloured jumpers if the Americans keep sinking putt after putt in this fashion. Some hope on the ninth as Watson's 323 yard adrenalinised tee shot has found the autumnal trees, while a fabulous iron from Rose finds the green.
    Conor McNamara, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Garcia and Colsaerts are in danger of being steamrollered here. The Americans look just as solid as yesterday. Another thing - it's only just gone nine o'clock in the morning but already many of the spectators have large beer cans in their hands."
  277. 1509: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - USA 1 up after eight holes: Rose, on the par-three eighth, sees his tee shot spin towards the back of the dancefloor. "Let's go Bubba," shouts a patriot in a mid-Atlantic drawl. Poulter's putt from about 60ft out is 8ft short, leaving Rose with a straight-forward attempt for par. Simpson has a chance to double the lead.. but his putt dinks left.
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live
    "We are told from sources close to the camp that Olazabal had some very stern words with his team last night, telling them they weren't playing with the same passion as the Americans."
    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Lee Westwood looks out of sorts. He's normally a very consistent driver of the ball but he's missed a few fairways. There are still 11 holes to go but the momentum needs some shifting. The Americans really have got their tales up."
  280. 1504: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 4 up after seven holes:Keegan Bradley, with two putts to win, nearly does it in one from about 20ft - and he jumps in agonising despair when his putt on the par-five seventh rolls inches beyond the cup. "Man, can he roll the rock," said Mickelson of his partner yesterday and never has a truer word been said, not that I know quite exactly what Mickelson meant but it sounded like a compliment.
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "It's verging on desperate for Europe. Captain Olazabal has sent his big guns out first to try and get some points in but it hasn't happened yet. They've been a little sloppy but fair play to the Americans - they haven't given Europe a glimmer."
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "We're just not seeing European putts for wins, are we? Everything seems to be in the ascendancy for the Americans."
  283. 1457: 
    Rose, from the bunker on the par-five seventh, and the South African-born Englishman does well to leave Poulter with a simple 3ft putt for par... Over on the fifth Johnson has a birdie chance, but his potent putter for once fails him so he and his partner Dufner remain two up against Garcia and Colsaerts.
  284. 1448: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 3 up after six holes:Magnificent from Westwood. He spins it from the bunker to within 10ft of the pin... but Donald, as good as his short game is, proves he's not a robot as the ball agonisingly lips out for a bogey. It's looking like an American clean sweep.
    Rose, on the seventh, teases with the trees but avoids the foliage and the sand, the pimpled ball dropping on the harmless rough.
    Steve Porter on Twitter: "Furyk badly out of form, unfortunately he's the only American that is!"
    Timilehin on Twitter: "Don't be surprised if Colsaerts doesn't play as good today as he did yesterday. Mickelson, playing well, as he has always done."
    Ian Barrett on Twitter: "Fantastic golf from the Americans, Europe having a nightmare."
    Dave Marr III, US golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Brandt Snedeker is looking so comfortable with his putting that he's not standing with his full stance, his feet just a little close together. He's putting like a basketball player - focusing on his target, aiming for the rim and letting it go."
    Paul Eales, Former European Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Jose is so different to Seve. Seve would have been wanting to hit the putts, smack the drives. Jose is in there but is letting his players do their stuff. He's got total faith in his guys to bring this back around."
  288. 1441: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v Colsaerts/Garcia - USA 2 up after four holes: Sloppy from Colsaerts as the Belgian misses a straightforward putt for a bogey. It's an ugly scorecard at the moment if you're an European fan.
  289. 1437: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 2 up after 5 holes: More high-fives between Mickelson and Bradley as old Lefty sinks a 6ft putt. It's over to Westwood to replicate the peerless American on the par-five fifth, the shortest par five on the course. It looks a simple attempt, but European fans palms become all clammy when watching the out of sorts Englishman with a putter in hand. They're soon rejoicing, though, as Westwood finds the cup with aplomb. Could that putt kick-start Westwood's Ryder Cup?
    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The United States lead in the first, second and third matches. That is what Davis Love wants to see - red all over the scoreboard. That gets the crowd excited, and they're selling very strong beer out there today. Beer with a very high alcohol content. Davis Love leaves no stone unturned..."
  291. 1426: 
    Simpson/Watson v Poulter/Rose - USA 1 up after 5 holes: Of the six birdies we've had so far, five have fallen into grateful American hands. The hosts, navy striped polo shirts as if their ready to set sail, are sailing on the high seas and serenely heading towards a dominant lead - unless Europe can whip up a storm that is.
    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "The Americans have come out hot on this Saturday morning. This could be a perfect start for the United States and just not want the Europeans wanted. But what are Europe wearing today? Is that a light raspberry sweater? Hot pink? And what is that shirt underneath the sweater?"
  293. 1421: 
    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 1 up after one hole: If you've tuned in hoping for news of a promising start for Europe then look away as the scoreboard has been lit up in the colours of the Stars and Stripes. G-Mac's wayward drive proves costly, and Furyk drains a birdie on the par-four first.
  294. 1418: 
    Bradley/Mickelson v Westwood/Donald - USA 2 up after four holes: The irrepressible Mickelson with a birdie chance from about 15ft, he pushes it gently uphill... he thinks it's heading in the hole, as do thousands of his compatriots, but the putt is a pimple short. Donald, a testing putt for a half, and the Englishman is as solid as his country's oak.
    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live
    "Jim Furyk needs to play well. He needs to hit his drives properly and show us something today. But if he's only here for his experience, why not make him a vice-captain?"
  296. 1412: 
    Dufner/Z Johnson v Colsaerts/Garcia - USA 1 up after two holes: A superb tee shot from Johnson sets up a simple birdie chance for his partner and the world number nine seizes his chance by tapping it in from 2ft. The Europeans seem to be tasked with trying to halt a seemingly unstoppable American wave at the moment.
  297. 1407: 
    A number of you mentioned on Friday that the voice of the tee sounds like Kermit the frog and, well, he does. I can't confirm that it isn't the world's most famous frog but it can't be, can it? The final match is under way and Furyk outperforms G-Mac as the American finds the fairway while the Northern Irishman directs his drive into the giant bunker on the left.
  298. 1404: 
    Europe captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "We were outplayed yesterday. We didn't show the intensity that you have to be at playing this event. We know that the Americans are really eager to get that trophy back and they came out of the blocks for the afternoon matches ready."
    Willowdotcom on Twitter: "Easy to say from here but Westwood looks all wrong. Hunched. Confidence gone. Hope Luke can gee him up."
    Gareth Soye on Twitter: "What is the meaning of life? Why is Westwood playing today? One of these questions is easier to answer than the other. Which one?"
  300. 1400: 
    USA captain Davis Love on the first tee raucous noise engineered by Watson and Poulter: "It was amazing. We literally ran over here from the driving range to make sure we didn't' miss it. It was fun trying to see him [Watson] to do it. I don't know if I could have hit it, I would have topped it into the car park.
    Love on dropping Tiger Woods: "He took it very well. He's been telling me for six months that he'd do whatever I'd ask him to do. We know there are 12 points tomorrow. He played very well yesterday, he just got beat by a steamroller."

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