Friday, 23 October 2015

Your Says of the Day: ‘Men in white coats coming for Jose’

Jose Mourinho (r): Is 'obsessed' with managerial rival Arsene Wenger, says Ian Wright

Men in white coats coming for Jose’

‘The referee was weak and naive’. Word for word copying Wenger’s comments about Mike Dean. Its clear Jose has a unhealthy obsession with Arsene Wenger if Jose is memorizing Wengers words, and they are in his head during a post game interview.
The constant outbursts, bizarre quotes and failure to rectify Chelsea’s struggles, he just seems to be drifting week to week hoping for Chelsea to regain form, rather than actually having a plan to get them playing again.
Does he have a plan for Hazard, and Cesc. Cesc in particular looks like he is playing with a anvil chained to his ankle. Also need to remember, the two goals against Villa were very fortunate, the two goals against Arsenal were when we were down to 10 men. Chelsea are finding it really difficult to score conventional goals. There has been a complete breakdown in their rhythm, and they are also defending pretty poorly, having the 16th best defence in the league based on goals conceded.
Yet this Wenger quote for me just proves he doesnt have a plan, and is flying blind. Dropping Hazard, promoting Loftus-Cheek. Its like not knowing which wires go together, so you just try them all and hope to get it right…..eventually.
Loving Jose’s meltdown. So such for the psychological genius who is always in control. Jose is more the psychologists mental patient, than the actual psychologist.
Dr Jose?
More like patient Jose. The men in white coats are coming.

United line-up v CSKA

An important game coming up for Manchester United this evening.
I want the same side as Everton played this evening with the following changes:
1. Martial rested (Memphis or Pereira to come in)
2. Schweinsteiger rested (Carrick to come in)
3. Mata rested (Lingard, Memphis, or Pereira to come in)
A win would be brilliant while a draw is acceptable today I think. We also need to keep an eye on the big one with City at the weekend – we need our best players fresh for that game.
What are your guys’ thoughts?

Players queueing to blame Rodgers

Raheem Sterling’s agent suggests there was a problem with Brendan Rodgers, now Lazar Markovic says the same.
Would both players still be at Liverpool if Klopp had arrived sooner who knows although Markovic might be bought back in January.
The reality is whatever happened for good or bad you can’t put the milk back into the bottle…
nine nine nine

‘Late bloomers’ shining for Arsenal

What a performance, these potential players really shone didn’t they? Arsene had his bad signings over the years but our current team boasts on a combination of limited transfer value and even those who had a hefty but reasonable price tag. Bellerin and Coquelin were expected to develop, Coquelin, signed from Stade Lavallois, as late bloomer as he is, is now deservedly earned a spot in the first team or even is one of our key player at the moment whereas Bellerin signed from Barcelona, shone through when given the opportunity, he did hesitate before but since he got than confidence, what a player he has been. What about Ramsey? Signed him from Cardiff City, showed his talent in his early start for Arsenal and although had his difficult spell after being out injured for some time, he’s bounced back and earned the first team spot again for a few years already. Ramsey, when played at the right position always been consistent with such engine.
Moreover we have players signed from their previous respective clubs, Cech, Monreal, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott, our current first team players don’t even cost £175 million overall. We hope we can continue to build on these, maybe we can expect to have a top calibre striker up front in Cavani, Ibrahimovic or Benzema but at the expense of Walcott and Giroud who have been doing well at the moment? Whereas Walcott and Giroud, not yet strikers of top calibre but they continue to improve year after year, that must be taken under consideration as well.
I don’t know how we’ll fare in the Champions League, last in the group with 3 points and we still have to challenge Bayern Munich away, that is a tough task but still optimistic of our chances. No I know we didn’t win any title just yet but I just want to appreciate the players and also Arsene for our performance against Bayern Munich, get in there!

Chelsea’s best display so far

Last night’s performance was probably our best of the season and should really have resulted in all three points, Matic even looked like Matic again.
Like Robbie Savage it looked like a penalty to me when Fabregas was bought down in the box maybe the Referee was a little unsighted?
Poor of Jose to throw in “weak” and “naieve” at the Referee we all know Jose feels hard done by the FA and perhaps rightly so but he’s not Arsene Wenger and UEFA may not turn the same blind eye as the FA have to such criticism of the Referee and Jose doesn’t need to get embroiled in any more controversies.
Thd penalty apart overall I thought the Ref had a very good game and seemingly so did Jose.
So a step in the right direction to hopefully getting our season a bit more back on track with a tough away game following the lengthy journey to Kiev to come at West Ham.

Sakho Liverpool’s best defender?

Personally I think sakho is our best defender but gets a lot of bad press because he can look at little gangly, for me he doesn’t make many mistakes and hardly gives the ball away (backed by stats).
Martin on the other hand is a good defender who makes critical mistakes. That isn’t because he can’t defend but because he backs off and backs off players which can lead to actual goals. personally IF he could rectify this part of his game and a couple of other things there won’t be a need to replace him. Get another top defender in and sakho and Martin to compete.
I don’t like to vilify Rodgers as he gets enough unfair press, however I don’t rate lovren and wonder what might have been if he given llori the same confidence (regardless of whether he’s currently playing for villa or not). Toure isn’t going to be around for ever …

Silva omission is shameful

The way David Silva continues to be overlooked for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award is as baffling as it is shameful.

Arsenal played the ‘perfect game’

There is no denying that Bayern are a better footballing side than Arsenal. They dominated the game, they created some chances but were perhaps a bit too ponderous.
There is also no denying that Arsenal played the perfect game. They played as well as they possibly could by sitting back, soaking the pressure, relying on the rub of the green and an imperious Cech while trying their utmost to try hit Bayern on the break or in set pieces.
Well played Arsenal, that will do that pesky English coefficient in European competitions a nice push. The chances are that Olympiakos will win again at home and Arsenal will have it even harder in Munich but nothing strokes the pride more than a win against Bayern/Barcelona/Madrid at the minute.

Amazing Bellerin

Bellerin has been unbelievable for us, its funny to think we bought Debuchy and Chambers to fit in right back but now they can’t even get a glimpse.
If Sagna was still was still in the team he would be watching from the bench. I think with a little more confidence he wii add more goals to his game. Jenkinson has been doing well for West Ham. I think we should bring him back and cash in on Debuchy.

Hazard or Jose off…

In my opinion either Jose or Hazard will still be at the club next season, not both.
Honestly, I can’t see Hazard being that happy playing Jose’s style of football and might make Madrid that bit more tempting. For god’s sake Jose, just let the boy play and fulfil his potential rather than worrying about how much defending he is doing!

A longing for sanity at Leeds

We Leeds fans all long for the day when we get taken over by someone who really cares about the club and the fans.
I think in his strange way Cellino does want to be the one to take us back to the Premier League, but he is so egotistical that he wants everything done his way and only his way, and as time is proving his way is just NOT working!
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